Sunday, September 6, 2015

Restaurant with Funny Name;

header of this post;
*Restaurant called "追いはぎ峠 oihagi-toge.  brigand bandit-mountain path*
              As for the old word brigand, I found these pages;  no.1  no.2.  Or just "bandit"
                  Considering Theresa's comment and advice, I'll change into "bandit" ;-)
We went this restaurant last autumn for dinner on our way home from somewhere p:-)
Picture above is from the homepage of this restaurant as I only have night shots.

Stone Stairs with decorated flowers and Ornament used Tire with flower inside.
Food we had "rice ball. udon-noodle. cooked chicken thigh with bone"
I asked to cut my rice ball in half, too much for tiny me p;)
The chicken thigh is called '山賊焼き sanzoku-yaki. brigand bandit-bake'
The name of this dish is derived from the way this chicken eaten wildly. And the origin of the name of this restaurant is actually there were brigands bandits in this mountain pass in the old days.

This old type agricultural machinery is called '唐箕. toumi'. Used to sort out hulled grains from dust. I happened to find this page introducing how this machinery is used and especially for soba. My husband was a little excited and read this page :-) Sorry it's Japanese page and hope it's ok to paste here.
As you can see flowers of Leopard plant (we eat its culm) blooming, it was autumn. 

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  1. the mill is very neat! i had to look up the word brigand to learn what it was. not a term we use a lot here. :)

  2. Looks tasty.I like that kind of food. Nice mill...

  3. Gostei de visitar o seu blog.
    Um abraço.

  4. Oihagi-toge! That sure is a funny name for restaurant! But it's based on the fact from old days. Good thing there is no oihagi there any more....I hope :-) Sanzoku-yaki is another fun name. Those dishes look delicious and I love decoration inside as well.
    I imagine your husband was intrigued by toumi. I couldn't open link for some reason but could find out more by googling. Sometimes old machinery are more fascinating than modern equipment, maybe for me, because it's simpler :-)
    Have a lovely evening, Miyako san :-)

  5. Hello Miyako, the restaurant looks nice and the food looks delicious. It is interesting to see the old farm equipment. Thanks for sharing. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  6. Fun to learn some history while you eat a lovely meal! We certainly have some history in this country of bandits out in the country, especially in the western states (where we are now); stage-coach robberies were often featured in the cowboy and Indian movies we watched when we were children!

    I am sure your husband was very interested in the part about the soba; he is so good at carrying on that tradition and sharing it. I enjoyed this post a lot.

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely place and even more intriguing because of the past in that area.
    Love the food, very inviting and also the way you present it here for us with your embellishments.
    Like your header always looking like a piece of art.
    Sending you hugs and sorry if I've missed something. Our PC died (HP) and we got a new Mac but we needed to leave for our 4-nights in NYC... Only the day after return I went back again to the Apple Store for having part of my files transferred from the external harddrive. Usually they only do that from the old PC... but it died on me, no way I could bring it.
    Slowly I'm managing all the different things and it is working fine for me.
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Such great night shots. If you like you can join us and link in, on the latest edition of Through My Lens.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Such an interesting post. I love the stone steps.

  10. A delicious looking meal and a good idea to wrap the end of the chicken with foil for eating. The restaurant is nice looking for a meal with your hubby.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Miyako.

  11. Oihage-toge I think only in tire flower I love rice ball udon-noodle just like you said just tiny me too. Frusatono miraio kangeru. Denkiwa amaritukate imasen! Watashiwa yahari Nihon ga daisukidesu.Anatano Okaoni kiotucate kudasai mase.
    We has raining for most of day time. Last summes no raining..

  12. A very unusual looking restaurant and yummy meal.

  13. What a lovely restaurant!

  14. Japanese food is so tasty. Although I have to learn to appreciate udon more. I'm more of a ramen kind of girl.

  15. Another interesting post. That restaurant looks very inviting.

  16. The restaurant looks very inviting and interesting.