Monday, August 31, 2015

Chainsaw Sculpture;

*Chainsaw Sculpture at the Roadside Station*  
                         (I put the Explanation about Roadside Station at the bottom) 
When we went to Apple Picking (←my post) last Nov., we stopped by roadside station (道の駅;michino-eki) on our way back and found lots of wood works there.
*Decorated at the Entrance*

This work by Takao Hayashi who is the Chainsaw Artist won the first prize for the International Contest held at State of Wisconsin in 2013. He is from our pref. so this work was decorated proudly there♪

Welcoming Sculptures with regional Special Product design "Apple and Beef".
Not sure if all of them were sculpted by the Artist in the first picture,
But I remember enjoyed seeing this first art for me♡♡♡

'Roadside station' (picture page) is the rest house located in the open roads equipped with parking lots, restrooms, restaurants and souvenir shops selling local products.
I drafted last year planning to make this post 'part 2' after writing 'apple picking' but kept in the dashboard p:-)

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  1. Hello Miyako, the sculptures and carvings are beautiful. I love all the animals. They are so cute. I see an adorable owl, I would like to have. Wonderful series, thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. These carvings are wonderful. I especially like the little pig in the last photo. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I am in awe of anyone who can create with a chain saw. Its use is usually to destroy not create and these works are amazing!! Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Those are such beautiful sculptures. The detail of each piece is amazing. You must be very proud to have the 1st prize-winning artist from your prefecture :-) I love visiting michino eki when I go back to Japan. I enjoy shopping for fresh food there!
    Miyako san, thank you so much for your kind words at passing of our Kit. It's been very hard but your support is a great comfort for me xoxo

  5. Miyako, we have a chain saw art piece that is a tiny bear who sits on a little tiny log. I can't imagine how the artist managed to make it, but it is really cute. Your pictures of the art are quite amazing, and again, can't imagine how it's done. Happy week to you, friend. Hugs from Texas.

  6. These are all wonderful. I think my favorite is the kitty with the fish. There are several chain-saw sculptures at the Houston Zoo. One of a group of chimps and the other of bears. Fun! Happy Monday!

  7. These wonderful works of art must be quite challenging to carve out with a chainsaw! My pick for a garden is the whimsical winged creature you used for your header.

  8. We have a chainsaw artist just around the corner...amazing artists...beautiful work here that you found.

  9. really cute. amazing what they can create!

  10. How skilful to be able to create such wonderful creatures by using a chainsaw.

  11. The craftsmanship is admirable. I have seen some of the works of chainsaw carvers too, but I haven't seen the men at work, which I would love to someday.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  12. Those are beautiful carvings... We watched a chainsaw competition once in Reedsport Oregon... It was very interesting to watch these artists at work, but very noisy! I wished for earplugs!! we call those roadside stops " rest areas" ... But resting is not the main reason we need to stop (the older we get, the oftener we need to stop ;))).)

  13. Hello Miyako
    I have seen chain saw artists here at work and they must have a definite plan in their head - amazing sculptures. Even the smaller ones done with chisels and other tools have such detail.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  14. What adorable sculptures! Hope all is well with you.

  15. Dearest Miyako,
    Finally back home and able to catch up on some blog reading after 4 nights in New York City.
    Your post about the chain saw sculptures is showing us incredible work that one would love to adopt right away. Love the critters especially, so cute!
    Sending you hugs,