Saturday, May 9, 2015

Bamboos and the Cooked Shoots;

These pictures of bamboos are from my neighboring area. In Japan, bamboo is used in varieties of ways. Like vase, toy and I remember having hard time my summer homework (about 10years old) making something with bamboo. Not being good at hand work, I somehow managed making one with my late father's help :-) 

*My neighbor's yearly tasty gift came last month*
I missed to post this topic earlier. Its season starts from April and we can enjoy them until end of May. Boars love them as well and sometimes fresh shoots are sadly eaten by them. For my old friends,  one of my annual topic :-)

Left; removing harshness boiling with rice bran    Right; seasoning with soy source liquor etc.
This dish gives me kind of special feeling. My late mother taught me how to tackle with shoots and the way remove the harshness. My late brother really fond of the taste. As he was single, he rushed to eat this saying mine has the mom's taste p:-)

Happy Mother's Day on 10th 
We used this tea cup together when she visited me♪

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  1. Hello Miyako! I love the bamboo, it is pretty. It is wonderful that this dish has happy memories of your Mother for you and your brother. Have a happy weekend!

  2. Such a lovely memory, Miyako. I have never eaten bamboo shoots. The teacup is so pretty and delicate.

  3. sweet memories of your mother (and brother). :) the bamboo is beautiful and hardy in your photos. i've never eaten bamboo shoots.

  4. Nice photos of the bamboo plants. I did not know you could eat it too. Thanks for an informative post.

  5. Dear Miyako
    It's been a while since my last visit.
    Love the bamboos we have some bamboos in our garden and I love listening to their leaves rattling in the wind. It's amazing how strong their stems are, not breaking.
    Lovely post and wishing you a lovely weekend.

  6. Dear Miyako, I am always impressed with your lovely photographs. I can buy bamboo shoots and enjoy eating them in certain dishes. And to honor your sweet Mother and my own, Happy Mother's Day to you and to their memory. Denise xxx

  7. Such beautiful photos of bamboos! I was lucky that I didn't get homework to make something with bamboo :-) It sounds hard!
    The takenoko dish looks very yummy. I've never cooked takenoko myself before. What lovely memories with your mom and brother with the dish :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san xoxo

  8. Very interesting post about the bamboo shoots. I buy them in the Asian market, already processed but in large cones like yours. I grow bamboo but haven't learned how to harvest the shoots. I'm glad to know how to remove the harshness, it helps to have someone to teach you. My parents are no longer with me either, Happy Mother's Day to their memory. Hugs from the PNW, Dearest Miyako!

  9. I love asian markets but never eat bambooshoots ...yet....

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh, even I had to cut some kind of helicopter out of bamboo, while visiting Japan!
    Lovely dish you show us here; loaded with fiber and very healthy.
    What a blessing that your brother came to you for enjoying Mom's taste as you managed to reproduce this fond memory for him and now still for you...
    Sending you hugs and blessings and I'm on my way to read blogs now my dear friend has returned home to The Netherlands.

  11. beautiful photos!

    I have tasted bamboo once and I liked it.

  12. Bamboo shoots are available here in tins and used in stir fry dishes. I never thought about how they were prepared. Your post is very interesting.
    The tea cup is lovely, so delicate. Have a wonderful week.

  13. The teacup with the blossom is so precious -- and my mother would have loved it too!

    Wonderful family memories (your brother knew you were a good cook -- that was a lovely compliment!).

    Bamboo shoots are available here in cans and I have put them in stirfry dishes ... but I am quite sure they don't taste as delicious as yours do.
    (Like the sushi we have here -- we think it is good, but as you pointed out it is very different from the 'real' thing.) I only wish I could sample both of them in Japan!!

  14. I forgot to say that the bamboo in its natural state is very beautiful and your mosaic is so well done.

  15. Lovely post and photo to honor your Mom and that your brother also enjoyed your cooking Mom's recipe ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  16. What an interesting post. I never realised you could eat bamboo shoots.

  17. An interesting post to see how you cook the bamboo shoots. Sometimes they are for sale in our grocery store but only an experienced Asian would know how to prepare them. I think of panda bears because I know they eat bamboo. :-)
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Miyako.

  18. Bamboo shoot is an integral part in Asian cooking. I love bamboos.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  19. I don't know much about bamboo so it was great to see it growing and then used in a recipe.

  20. Hi Miyako,
    I can buy canned bamboo shoots at some specialty grocery stores. Not the same as fresh and homemade, I'm sure! You shared some lovely memories of your Mother and brother. I think bamboo is a very pretty plant. I don't have a big enough yard to plant any! Have a lovely week.

  21. What a lovely post and great shots of the bamboo. I used to live in China so I've eaten a lot of bamboo shoots.

  22. Bamboo is such a useful plant! I've only eaten bamboo from tinned cans, which I am sure is not at all like eating it the way you prepare it!

  23. Hi Miyako San!
    The Bambuoo shoots wa watashi wa tanoshiku lovely memorinies okasama to brother has mom's teste.
    Watasi mo yahari Japanese no tabemoroga daisuki desu yahari Nihon gin desune...
    Have a nice day!

  24. Hello Miyako! I hope you are well. I didn't know that you could eat bamboo, but I know the giant panda bears do. It looks like a lovely dish. Thank you for linking into Nature Notes this week.. Happy Day!... Michelle