Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 1) ;

My husband's band group attended "Camellia Festival" held in the next city, this year again. There were some activities & events both inside and outside the park. We enjoyed varieties of dances from Many Dancing Groups.  

      *Some art works at the entrance of the room 
                     which varieties of camellias were  displayed*

      *My husband's band group and some dance performances*
Footage(hope the right word)is so bad again :-)
Very short video from the last part of the Japanese popular song.

There were many flea market stand as well.

I LOVED to see this sweet girl and the dog♪

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Thank you very much for stopping by; I always appreciate your sweet visits;
We are having weather so called  '三寒四温; alternation of three cold and four warm days'. Bit hard season to control body temperature;   Take Care of Yourselves♪


  1. stay warm if you can on those colder days!

    love the camellias - so pretty. and i enjoyed the music, too.

  2. That changeable weather is hard to deal with. Our youngest son and wife live in Colorado and their weather is like that almost all the time it seems like. It confuses me.

    The camellias are just wonderful (your header shot is like a beautiful painting!) and the festival looks like so much fun.

    I am going back to look at your videos (yes I think footage is just the right word) as soon as I send this. I didn't want to forget to comment after I watched.

  3. Hi Miyako san. Wow, the festival looks lots of fun! Such beautiful displays and great live performances. Especially your husband's band playing music. Loved the's really cool!
    The girl and a dog are very cute together :-) It's been like three sunshine and four rain here lately. Please take good care of yourself, Miyako san. Have a happy new week!

  4. Hello Miyako, It's nice you can go away on day trips with your husband and the band. The camellias are lovely - the white camellia is a symbol of women's sufferage, worn by the early suffregettes when they were campaigning for womens rights.
    Have a lovely day.


  5. Beautiful flowers! And such a cute photo of the girl and her dog.

  6. Loved the music...and the little girl and the dog. :)
    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Hello Miyako, the flowers are pretty! And the festivals lookalike a fun time enjoying your husband's band and the music! Enjoy your day!

  8. Oh, I would love to attend a camellia festival and there appear to be many beautiful specimens.
    The band and dancers are colourful but I could not get the YouTube to work.
    I call the same weather pattern of hot and cold 'roller coaster' weather - up and down!
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Miyako.

  9. Spring is a time of changeable weather!

    What pretty camellias.

  10. Oh what a wonderful festival and all those stunning flowers.

  11. This festival looks like a lot of fun. I love camelia, I just cannot grow them. I don't know why.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    How special for having a Camellia Festival and such a good reason for making music and dancing!
    Loved watching the short video clip!
    Sending you hugs and wishing you steady sunshine.

  13. Dear Miyako San!
    The camellia festival the year your husband is group attended band the camellias are Lovely!
    Watashimo tanoshimine Video miteymasu!