Monday, December 8, 2014

Future Newly Weds at my house;

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*Surprise Surprise*

         The young lady is my retired husband's ex-coworker
The small middle aged man and the woman decorated on the cake are the unofficial mascots of two cites in Hyogo-pref. Her favorite characters. We have many local mascots like these in Japan now.

The couple is going to marry next year and her friends in the picture are not planed to attend the ceremony as she'll going to move a bit far place. So her friends prepared to set "surprise cake cut" for them at our house. They brought some things like the Santa costume my husband was wearing and 'the bow tie, hair bow' etc. We were so happy that the couple looked impressed by the thoughts from her friends♡♡♡  Lovely time with Soba lunch and cake :-)  They approved to post this lovely little event♪

He played this song called 'いい日旅立ち iihi-tabidachi'  link for the lyric  This is the popular song used to be sung at the wedding ceremony often; it is an old song almost 40 years ago. I remember hearing repeatedly when mine was getting close:-)

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  1. what a sweet surprise to host a great party for them ahead of the wedding. i like the bow tie and the hair bow and the cute cake!

    your husband makes a great musical santa. :)

  2. To Dear Theresa; Thank you so much for the words of 'the bow tie and the hair bow'. I've changed from ribbons to tie :-)

    Lots of Love to you, xoxo Miyako*

  3. looks like you all had a great time. the couple looks so cute together and your husband looks good as santa. :>)

  4. Oh, what a wonderful surprise! Congratulations to the young couple. They look so cute in bow tie and hair bow :-) Love the cake cutting photo...what a happy smile they got! And I love the photo of your husband in Santa outfit. He looks great as Santa :-)
    Thank you for sharing all these photos. Made me feel very happy! Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  5. What a great surprise! My best wishes to the young couple. Such lovely photos, dear Miyako! :)

  6. What a cute couple! Love the cake cutting pictures.

  7. Lovely surprise!

    My best wishes to the young couple.

  8. Que lindas fotos, momentos de carinho e felicidades ao jovem casal! bjs, chica

  9. Looks a nice party lovely cake .

  10. ❀⊱•.
    Belas fotos!
    O bolo estava bonito e delicioso!...
    Bela demonstração de amizade!
    Bom início de semana com tudo de bom!!!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.♪♬° ·.

  11. What a great surprise for the couple, they are so cute together.. Your hubby looks great in the Santa suit! And the cake is pretty.. Sending my best wishes to the happy couple! Have a happy new week!

  12. Dear Miyako, lovely to find out some different habits :) And I like that song very much, thanks for the link to the translation :)) I sure would have liked to see a video of your husband playing the saxophone ;)

    Have a wonderful week

  13. congratulations to the newly engaged couple :) they look so happy! that is such a sweet gathering. and i love learning about things like the song being popular at wedding ceremonies. :)

  14. Miyako, such a lovely event for the couple who will be married. And thanks for sharing the Japanese tradition. Hugs from Texas, my friend.

  15. What a lovely surprise ! They look happy ! Great photos !

  16. What a lovely event. They look very happy together.

  17. Hello Dear Miyako, it was lovely to share in that happy couple's delight.
    Love is certainly in the air! :D)

  18. Happy Photos and creative time for all ~ lovely photos ~ xoxoxox

    Happy Week,
    artmusedog and carol

  19. Dearest Miyako,
    What a very nice surprise event for the Bride & Groom to be!
    Your husband seems to be quite an entertainer and even more so in his cute Santa suit.
    Loved the special cake decorations and the Bride to be's cute bow.
    You are wonderful hosts!

  20. Congratulations to the young couple and so lovely celebration.

  21. It looks like everyone enjoyed the surprise party, especially the future bride and groom. A lot of fun.


  22. Oh, what sweet photos!

  23. Miyako, what a nice post this is. It's a very heartwarming surprise pre-wedding party for them. The cake looks cute and the bow headband too.
    Greetings from Russia.

  24. What a sweet gathering! How lovely to do this in your home for these friends. The couple look so adorable and so happy. Loved the song as well. Perfect for a wedding, I think.