Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fence and Frog with Blue-Color;

Today, I will feature color blue  for three memes;

*Fence with Blue Tile*
I found this fence early this Oct. when I visit our prefectural capital. I am happy these pictures could see the light (had chance for me to use).  

*Blue LED Frog*     
This frog is (was?) only 1.5cm and maybe from the result of mixing called hybrid variation.

card in front of the aquarium and the article of the paper
In my Pref. there is an Island called Tuno-shima, where there is a long bridge 角島大橋 (Tuno-shima Bridge). I posted about it here this spring. My husband went the island with his friends again this Oct. and he took the picture of it for me in the museum there.
This blue frog was found by the curator in the rice paddy and was named 'Blue LED Frog' in honor of the Nobel Prize Japanese Physicians had for discovering light emitting diodeMy husband said it was hard for him to focus this little frog with the cellar phone. So sorry for the blurry picture.

As a Japanese I'm happy for their accomplishment;

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  1. Miyako, what an interesting little frog. He's very cute. And I love the blue tile and the trimming on the trees in your first pictures. Just lovely in blue. Hugs from Texas.

  2. oh! i just read on someone else's blog about the finding of blue led light! so nice to see it mentioned here too! :)

  3. Wow, I've never seen a blue frog. So interesting!

  4. the tile topped fence is beautiful as is the garden behind it!

    and the frog is gorgeous! how neat!

    thanks for sharing both, miyako!

  5. What a sweet little frog, Miyako! :)

  6. The frog picture is perfect Miyako! And how fun to see the blue frog.

    I have read all your posts that I missed while we were traveling and really enjoyed every one of them. You have been very busy!! (Loved the party you hosted for the sweet young couple!)...

    Glad to be back home and have time to catch up with you!

  7. Love the fence with blue Kawara. And what a beautiful garden. The straw parasol looks very lovely!
    Wow the frog is beautiful with light sky blue color! Blue LED Frog sounds perfect name.

    Have wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  8. Hello Miyako, what a cute frog.. I love the frogs color, very pretty. The fence and landscaping is pretty on the other photos.. Great post, enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. Hello Miyako,
    my favourite colour is blue so I guess you wrote this post just for me ;)
    What a funny little frog :)

  10. love the blue frog, he is sooooo pretty.

    wonderful fence find too.

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, that blue frog is incredible! Love the photos.
    And a fence with its own tiled little roof, looking so exotic. Reminds me very much of gardens in Indonesia...
    Sending you hugs,

  12. Hello Miyako.. What an adorable little frog and I love his pretty blue color! I also love the way the bushes and trees are trimmed. I love the shapes.. Thank you for linking into Nature Notes... Michelle

  13. A lovely formal garden behind that fence. And what a cute little frog, really unusual. like the colour.

    Greetings from New Zealand,

  14. Charming shots - those trees are so gorgeous!

  15. that is a very unusual fence with the blue tiles and it is also a beautiful garden

  16. The blue tiles are quite attractive atop the fence.

  17. The blue fence, and blue frog are both awesome Miyako! But, I adore those lovely sculpted trees as well! Very nice post! Love the name of the frog! Have a beautiful week!

  18. Hello Miyako, I am stopping back to say thank you for linking up your critter post! Have a happy weekend!

  19. Amazing! seeing one for the first time!

  20. Those trees look very nice, a lot of care has gone into them I see!

    Very interesting frog, too.

  21. That blue fencing is so pretty and unique and those sculpted trees are gorgeous. I also liked the little blue colored frog.

  22. It looks like that unique blue fence surrounds a beautiful garden area. I love the little blue frog.

  23. I love the tiny frog, it's so cute! Have a wonderful weekend!