Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Critters;

*Pantala flavescens (Globe Skimmer)ウスバキトンボ*
This is second time of this kind of dragonfly appears in my blog:-)  It is only this year I started to pay attention to critters,  I was surprised to realize that we can see them a lot around my area. While waiting for my shopping, my husband kindly caught him for me. Amazingly he was clinging to the window with his thin legs.
I wondered the white part  on the wings (just stain?).
I appreciated his short visit, he flew away happily from the window.

*Borzoi, ボルゾイ*
My first encounter with Borzoi ♡♡♡  She was taking a walk with her master when we were downtown the other day. Her master kindly accepted my request of taking her pictures. I learned from pc that 'Borzoi' means 'agile' in Russian and aristocrat of Russian Empire used to have them for wolf hunting. 
          She doesn't seem to be the young one but I wished to see her run p:)
Thank you SO much for showing up for me:-)
I had Shetland sheepdog before I was 30 years old. 
After he died, my husband doesn't want me to have another dog. 
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PS; I finally finished installing work etc for my pc and have had busy soba guests days.  Hope your new autumn or spring is not so busy ones.  See You Soon 


  1. lovely dragonfly. :) beautiful dog, too! i've never seen a borzoi in person!

  2. That's a dog I have not seen before, but he looks very elegant. And the dragonfly is so golden in color!

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Interesting photos with a story. Nice Globe Skimmer for wanting to pose for you the way he/she did. One wonders indeed if there is some powder or dust collected on the wings.
    This dog breed is new to me as well.
    Sending you hgus for a lovely weekend.

  4. Linda libélula e o cão lindo e deixa saudades! bjs, chica e ótimo fim de semana!

  5. Those are beautiful photos of the dragonfly! How sweet of your husband to take photos for you,
    The doggie is so cute! She looks very lovely and gentle :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!

  6. Hello Miyako, the dragonfly is beautiful and I love the dog! The Borzoi is pretty! Thank you so much for linking up, enjoy your weekend!

  7. Hello Miyako, the dragonfly is beautiful and I love the dog! The Borzoi is pretty! Thank you so much for linking up, enjoy your weekend!

  8. ·..✿✿。°
    Bonitas fotos.
    As libélulas são graciosas, já vi muitas fotos revelando detalhes interessantes da anatomia delas.
    Eu também gostaria de ver esse cachorro correndo.

    Ótimo sábado!!!

    Bom fim de semana!

  9. Nice shot of the dragonfly, so pretty and delicate. And the borzoi is a beauty! I would've loved to see it running too ;) I hope you have a lovely weekend Miyako. Wendy x

  10. The globe skimmer is a lovely dragonfly. Borzoi looks like an obedient dog.

  11. Lovely dragon fly and sweet dog photos so glad you let the dragon fly go! Happy Weekend to you ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  12. Hello Miyako!:) What a lovely little Skimmer your husband photographed. I think it might be a little pollen residue on the wings,I have noticed this before.

    However I have never see this kind of dog before. He's quite beautiful.

    Have a good weekend, and as always take care.
    Warm Hugs!:)

  13. Oh, the dragonfly is wonderful! And love the dog. Interesting look, like an Irish wolfhound in a way.

  14. I love both the dragonfly and the dog. Have a wonderful weekend! Huge hugs to you!

  15. the dragonfly is so pretty and so is the dog.

    tell you hubby to let you get another puppy, LOL

  16. Wow ! The dragonfly is beautiful !
    This doggie is so sweet :)
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  17. Wow ! The dragonfly is beautiful !
    This doggie is so sweet :)
    Have a nice Sunday :)

  18. Dear Miyako,

    Great photo of the dragonfly.
    What a handsome dog and nice that you got the photograph.
    My husband doesn't want another dog either, after our Heidi died.
    You get so attached to them and hard when they pass on.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend dear friend
    Sending hugs

  19. Borzoi is such a gorgeous dog. I've never seen this breed of dog before.

  20. The borzoi looks aristocratic! Probably no wonder those Tsars and Royalty picked it as their special dog.

    We have not had a family pet for many years, because we travel too much. (Although some people take their dogs along everywhere.)

    Your dragonfly shots are so good -- they never hold still for me. (

  21. That dragofly is amazing. I love how your husband catches them for you to see. So so sweet. :) And that dog has such a happy smile on her face! And I know what you mean about the sadness that comes with losing a dog. I had dogs when I was a child but after our family dog, another cocker spaniel, died when I was in high school my mom didn't want to have another one (she also grew up with dogs all her life). But then my brother brought home Piri and then we fell in love all over again. One of my favorite movies is All About My Dog (いぬのえいが) and I cried so much during the last story between Mika and her dog Marimo. They bring us such joy but so much heartache too when we have to say good bye. xx