Monday, September 15, 2014

Night Show at the Temple of our prefecture;

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*Event called  "山口ゆらめき回廊 , Stroll Path with swaying light in Yamaguchi"*
Yesterday night, we went to Rurikoji-Temple (瑠璃光寺)with my friend to see the lighting-up of five-story pagodas and the candlelight along the stroll path.  

Hope you can see the candlelight and the reflection on the pond.

Concert in front of the pagodas;  ocarina and quena

*Let me use some part from my post of Sep. of 2012 to explain about this temple*
This temple is designated as a national treasurebuilt around 14th century (Muromachi-era in Japan) by Ouchi-family. It is located in Yamaguchi-city where sometime referred as western Kyoto in Japan. I think it amazing no nail is used to this wooden temple; 
Here is the link you can see more detail and lots of beautiful pictures of this temple.

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  1. Such a beautiful and inspirational place to be. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Texas.

  2. it is gorgeous by night or by day!

  3. Oh those night photos are so beautiful (you are so talented). No nails? I am amazed (and will show this to my husband who will like knowing this!).

    I forgot on my earlier comments to say it made me laugh that the two of you were "fighting" over your PC ... that happens to us, especially when we're traveling and have limited time to spend on it. We laugh about it, but sometimes I hate to "lose". Glad you got the new version update all installed and ready to go.

  4. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely sight the illuminated pagoda! The candlelight, together with the concert must have been lovely. Wish I could have listened to the ocarina...
    Sending you hugs,

  5. I enjoyed seeing these photo's, it took me back to our holiday in Japan a few years ago. We saw a 5 tiered pagoda/temple but not sure that it was this one in Kyoto.


  6. Hello Miyako, the temple at night is lovely. I see the reflection of the candles in the pond, it looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing your evening..Have a happy day and week ahead.

  7. The temple and its surrounding green is so beautiful. The concert in front of the pagoda must have be wonderful and good atmosphere. The heart shaped candle is lovely.There is also a light festival in Nara like that.
    Have a nice day!

  8. So so beautiful! My husband and I were supposed to visit Japan in October, but we bought a house and had to use the money we saved up to go. We're saving up again because we want to see so many things - the temples and shrines and even Gundam (our favorite!) -- we're really hoping that we can go one day!

  9. That first photo is absolutely stunning! Beautiful photos of the pagoda in the dark with all the wonderful candlelight. It's such a beautiful temple. Such a wonder thing to get to see in person, I am sure!

  10. Your photos are wonderful so I'm sure the lighting of the pagoda was wonderful too. No nails? That is amazing.

  11. Miyako, I love seeing your photographs of your side of the world. So beautiful and interesting. Amazing that those who constructed the temple used no nails. Wow.

  12. Such beautiful captures, Miyako, and such a beautiful, fascinating temple!! No nails? That is amazing indeed!! Thank you for sharing the beauty of your world! Have a wonderful week!!

  13. Dear Miyako San!
    You has your family with Yamaguchi-City
    and Western Kyoo in end all of over in Japan. Still you has so many years Miyako san..
    Have a lovely time with Otosan!
    We has still few raining these days..

  14. Wow - what a beautiful sight!

  15. How absolutely lovely! So glad you could experience it.

  16. What a beautiful walk that must have been with the candles on the path and the lighted pagoda. No nails? Wow! That takes some skill.