Friday, October 18, 2013


We needed to go to our prefectural government's office (about an hour drive away from my city) to deal with public procedure concerning my father. Our prefectural capital is said to be "east Kyoto in Japan".  We stopped by the temple there called 常栄寺(Jyoei-ji; Jyoei temple); commonly known as 雪舟庭(Sesshu-tei; Sesshu garden.

About 500 years ago, the land lord at that time asked Sesshu, who was the monk and also the painter of ink paint, to construct the garden.

This is called "The bell tower gate, 鐘楼門 "
The bell was used to tell time when clocks weren't invented.

this is the front garden, left side of the gate
Sesshu-tei (garden) inside of the temple.
You can walk in the back of the garden and enjoy the view from behind.
So pity that the water in the pond was drained for the maintenance.

Also bit early for the foliage season...
The stone in the center of the picture below is supposed to be Fuji-mt.  
And each stone has meaning with them♪

*Things decorated inside*
picture of the folding screen Sesshu painted 

At different entrances, roof tiles which have family crests of 2 separate era's land lords were decorated with flowers. The wooden thing in the right pic is originally used to keep cooked rice warm. I vaguely remember using it when little. 

I'll link this post Our World Tuesday next week;
I expect to be busy week-end and early next-week,  but I'll visit you my friends;
Wishing you a lovely week-end and new-week


  1. I so love the beauty, elegance, and history you share with us, my dear friend! The story was fascinating and the pictures make me want even more to visit Japan someday. I hope you are having cooler weather, too. xo

  2. truly beautiful! the bell gate is gorgeous! the gardens with the rocks all having meaning is wonderful. that painted screen gave me shivers, it is so beautiful!

  3. Hi Miyako san, this is such beautiful temple and garden! The stone does look like Fuji san. How lovely! I love the idea of decorating flowers in the wooden rice container. (I can't remember what it's called.) It looks very unique and pretty :-)
    I enjoyed the tour of this beautiful temple. Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san xoxo

  4. Such a lovely post dear Miyako . I love the architecture and the history behind the temple. Truly beautiful :) have a lovely weekend my dear friend .

  5. What a beautiful architecture! Have a nice weekend

  6. Hallo dear Miyako. Yet another interesting post about your beautiful country. What lovely photos. I also loved the bell tower. I hope everything is going well with the move for your father and that he won't find it too confusing. With live from
    West to East xx

  7. Hello Miyako! What a lovely tour of the temple. It is a beautiful place and I love the gardens. Everything is so pretty! Thank you for sharing your visit! Have a happy weekend!

  8. Beautiful temple and garden, Miyako. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. xo

  9. Wieża jest przepiękna, a część ogrodu z kamieniami wygląda niesamowicie. Pozdrawiam.
    The tower is beautiful, and part of the garden with stone looks amazing. Yours.

  10. Miyako, what a beautiful, picturesque place. I love the gardens. The folding screen is stunning when you think of how old it is. Thank you again for the history of this place. Hugs XX

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    Thanks for taking me on a tour in Japan again! Love those bell tower gates in Japan, one can stand there and just admire for a long time... They also do resemble the Japanese characters in a way.
    Love the garden and also that very detailed folding screen.
    Happy weekend and I trust that you managed to get done with your public procedure on behalf of your Father!

  12. Such delicate and intricate beauty is so amazing to think of the history of your beautiful country, compared with our very young one.

  13. Miyako,

    Que lugar lindo, e o jardim encantador!
    Fico encantada com essas imagens de seu lindo país.
    Um lindo final de semana! Beijos

  14. Dear Miyako,
    What a beautiful place, and it seems to be a quiet place. Enjoy your weekend!


  15. Dear Miyako,

    Loved seeing your wonderful photos of the Temple and lovely Bell tower - the gardens are so beautiful.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend and your dear Dads affairs went well.

  16. Dear Miyako
    Thank you for letting us join you on your trip to the temple. Your photos are enchanting and I feel like I have been there with you, that screen is truly exquisite.
    Have a wonderful week
    Wren x

  17. 彡♡♡♫° ·.
    É muito bom vir ao seu blog e conhecer tanta beleza e delicadeza da sua cultura.
    Amo essa arquitetura e esses jardins que transmitem tanta calma e paz.
    Bom domingo! Bom fim de semana!
    ¸.•°♡♡♫° ·.

  18. I've never seen Settusyu's painting. Horses are more realistic than I thought. It remineded me a TV program,the judgment of an antique.
    Have a nice day!

  19. What a gorgeous place!

  20. It looks very lovely. The weather too looks wonderful! I hope you are enjoying your week.

  21. I enjoyed seeing the picture of the temple, especially the bell tower and the gardens.

  22. Really beautifull, love your wonderfull post, best regard from Belgium

    Hoping no heathquather in your town, because my friendin living by Sendai can no sleep

  23. what a lovely place to visit. I could spend days in that garden.