Sunday, October 6, 2013

Harvesting Green Soybean;

First harvesting experience of "green soy bean"
Our neighbor taught us about the event held farm town about an hour away from our city.  We had suitable weather for the job and refreshing time outside for a change
(I thought the equinox flower in the rice paddy was beautiful. Taken near the place.)

500¥ for a bundle tied up with a string for each person. Lovely to see children's cheerful faces with their parents having precious experience

*Here is the achievement of today's work outside at dinner*
A Lovely Day Sweating a little 

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  1. What beautiful colors in your header and pictures, my dear friend! I would be fascinated to see that, and to get fresh soybeans, too! They are so healthy, and tasty, to boot. I'm glad you got to enjoy them and then share it with us! xo

  2. Lindo dia, trabalho e experiência! Valeu! beijos,chica

  3. that's really neat to see it in the field! what a great way to see food harvested and do it yourself.

  4. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely photos of the Green Soybean being harvested in your area!
    Georgia grows lots of soybeans and also the Green Pearls (like the ones you showed here).
    Funny to find the Lycoris flowers near the rice paddy in one of your photos. They bloom in our garden now too. Sure they are native in Asia and are also called Equinox flower or Spider Lily here. It is again family of the Amaryllidaceae and funny is that there is no green but suddenly these long stems with bright red flowers show up.
    Happy new week to you and thanks for sharing some of your area (and our area!) and being a very healthy food! We eat it a lot instead of meat.

  5. °º °º✿✿
    Costumes e tradições que continuam.
    Isso é muito agradável.

    Bom domingo!
    Boa de semana!
    ♫ ¸.•°♫♫♫

  6. They taste so amazing, one of my favourite dish!

  7. what a lovely way to spend the day!!

  8. What a wonderful family experience altogether, it reminded me of picking peas with my family in the UK growing up. A beautiful post. I wish I was nearer to pop round for a quick snack!

  9. Wow what a fun day you had! It must feel so nice to be out in the field. And these fresh edamame must taste very good! I once went to strawberry picking. It was fun and strawberries were delicious :-)
    Oh, and the equinox flowers are very lovely!
    Have a great new week, Miyako san xoxo

  10. Looks like a fun day.
    I wish you had a link so I could follow you via email, that way I would get here more often

  11. Hi dear Miyako. What a lovely post, with very interesting photos of the harvest. I thought it was lovely how this was something that the families did together. Thank you for sharing this with us :) Hugs from your friend thisisme.

  12. I like the idea of picking your own food. From ground to plate in one day.

  13. Beautiful flower and harvesting photos ~ nature gives so much ~ thanks, carol ^_^

  14. The soybeans look wonderful, what fun to be out there with the pickers. And the flower is gorgeous. Lovely photos, Miyako! Thanks for sharing your world. Enjoy your week ahead!

  15. We used to do what is called "u-pick" when our children were small... (not of soybeans, but fruit such as strawberries, apples etc.) It is a really good experience for families and we liked it too. Sometimes with four children I would forget to tell them to stop picking and we would have to pay for more than I thought we would (and then it would take quite a while to take care of it all after we got home).

    (u-pick is a short way of saying "you pick yourself".)

  16. What a lovely experience. Love the colours in that first shot.

  17. Looks like you had a great day out dear Miyako :) The rice paddy and Equinox flower truly look very beautiful. Hope you have a lovely week ahead my dear friend.