Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Biennale International Sculpture Competition;

"Biennale International Sculpture Competition" is held at our city every other year. 
My friend and I went to see the Sculpture Competition to our city park last week. I'd like to show you some of the artists works here. It was a fine, perfect day for enjoying the art works and strolling the park. Each work has its meaning from the artist; you might need the pamphlet to get the idea...  And I can see my pictures don't do justice to the great works ^^;

 Lovely walk with my friend, we talked each other; 
"if only this park is closer to our hose, we 'd stroll here together"

Instead of swans we used to have in the lake there, these doves welcomed us;
350 of them were gone due to the bird flu;

I found this little glass figurine for our kitchen at the souvenir shop there .
Love and hugs, xoxo  Miyako*


  1. I've always been fascinated by good sculptures, and these are wonderful, my dear friend! What lovely pictures and a wonderful time with a good friend. I hope you two get to visit the park again~

  2. Each sculpture speaks a thousand words. Such artistic pieces . Looks like you had a great time in the park my dear Miyako :)

  3. How what a great event! These sculptures are beautiful and fun to see! I definitely need pamphlet to get idea though :-)
    And it's very lovely park with colorful flowers. Sorry to hear many birds are gone due to bird flu :-( But how nice these doves greeted you so nicely :-)

  4. i loved this post! thank you for sharing these lovely works. i think stone flowers and seed were my favorites. and i like your momento!

  5. Hi dear Miyako. What a beautiful little figurine you bought to remind you of a lovely day out with your friend. Just look at that lovely blue sky! All the sculptures are stunning. Gosh, how clever the sculptors must be to create work like that. Thank you for sharing your visit with us. Love & hugs from your friend thisisme :)

  6. Hi Miyako!! I love these pictures. Wish I could have seen the sculptures in person. My favorite was the Green Fire. Sad all those swans are now gone. Glad you had a lovely day with your friend. Xx

  7. I love these beautiful sculptures and actually understand why most of them are named as they are. My favorite is the "Green Fire". The only one that I did not understand at all was "Sin". ... but I don't think we are meant to understand everything about art...sometimes is just mysterious, but still beautiful.

  8. Also meant to say I love outdoor is such a great experience to stroll among them on a lovely day. Especially with a good friend.

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    It was lovely to be wish your friend to show the sculpture compition in city.
    All of the your pictures are great work and your doves are nice to see both of you.
    I'am very happy for you!
    Okaradani otosamato kiotukete kudasai mase!
    We will having a summer time is coming in the Melbourne.