Friday, October 11, 2013

Bit early Halloween post;

When I went to my favorite cake shop early this month, I was really amazed at the shop's elaborate Halloween decoration, baskets and all ♡♡  Let me show you today.
(I  had permission in advance)

*Inside of the Cake Shop*

(you can see cakes vaguely in the back)

I decorated inside of our front door as well. 
My little student asked me what this ornament was.

Young children don't know this western custom. They are always surprised to know that the tradition (Jack-o'-lantern and trick or treat) and is somewhat close to our Obon season (middle August) when our ancestors spirits come and visit us. The evil spirits are not especially thought to come during Obon. I thought I might as well introduce you that we adopted the custom in Japan.  (adopted doesn't mean we do trick or treating, haha)

Thank you very much for stopping by; love you always


  1. Interesting Halloween decorations in the cake shop dear Miyako :)Your decorations look great! Have a lovely weekend .

    Love and Hugs

  2. Quanta coisa linda e bem preparada! beijos,lindo dia! chica

  3. You are always such an outstanding decorator, my dear friend! I enjoyed seeing all the decorations and especially the ones you did. It'd hard to believe it's almost here! xo

  4. I like your custom where bad spirits don't come! Those decorations are beautiful, Miyako. Elliot would like the Japanese interpretation, where he could walk into places and not be scared by ugly ghosts, zombies and creatures.

  5. i think it is neat that you are educating your young students to some of our customs here. :)

  6. Wow the shop's decoration and Halloween baskets are very pretty!
    And your decoration is very pretty, too, Miyako san. Before reading the text, I thought the last photo was part of the store :-) I see little mushroom and autumn leaves etc. So cute!
    Have a lovely weekend, Miyako san xoxo

  7. The shop really does have a lot of Halloween decorations. I like yours! Thanks for visiting today and your nice comment.

  8. Love this, Miyako. Love your decorations and those of the bakery! My favorite season and I must admit, I do enjoy Halloween even though I am old! haha. Love to you, xo

  9. What a great assortment of goodies. I didn't know your country adopted Halloween. It's a fun time here especially for kids. Dressing up and getting candy. They love it!

  10. I love your halloween decorations Miyako. Very professional looking.
    We don't really celebrate Halloween in New Zealand although kids do go around trick or treating, but it hasn't really caught on in a big way.
    Our son was married in August a few years ago so it was Obon while we were in Japan. We used to enjoy walking in the evening and seeing the Mums and Dads letting off fireworks for the children, especially on a Friday night.

    love and blessings from me here in New Zealand.

  11. Hi dear Miyako. Like Bouncin Barb, I didn't realize that your country celebrated Halloween! What a lovely shop, and the decorations were wonderful. Oh, I loved your display inside the front door! I must get myself organized and do something myself, because I know that Eli & Ruby will love it! Enjoy your weekend my dear friend xx (Oh, I love your new header picture as well).

  12. Wonderfull créations, love much!
    ¸¸.•.`•.¸.•´ Hugs from Belgium


    Have a nice day Blog seniorennet.Be Louisette Blog

  13. Dear Miyako,

    Love all the Halloween treats in the shops - so much colour in the candy.
    Over in NZ we do not really celebrate Halloween here either.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  14. Hi Miyako
    It is lovely to see how Halloween is approached in different countries - it's a great fun celebration. Wouldn't you just love to visit the US at this time of year?

  15. I don't mind Halloween when it's cute but I don't like the scary parts.

  16. My goodness Miyako I had no idea that the Halloween tradition had flown across the ocean. Your pictures are lovely.

    It is interesting that it is similar to your Holiday of Obon. In Mexico, they have a similar Holiday called (in English) Day of the Dead. People everybody probably need something like this.