Monday, October 14, 2013

calligraphy exhibition;

Yesterday Sunday, we went to see calligraphy exhibition which many of our acquaintances are involved. Hearing that the master would explain for some of the works, we went there in time for that.  I was so disappointed with my poor pictures;  I feel so sorry for the works and the people who wrote...  Even so I wished to show them with big sizes. I'm glad if I could help you feel a bit of atmosphere at the exhibition.

               left; my ex-students' work who is a teacher of calligraphy now.
                      Had a lovely little chat with her.  
               Right; my husband's "ex lady colleague's" work.

left; my husband's another "ex lady colleague's" work
Right; work of the neighbor's daughter who lives in the same 
residential complex.
I was fascinated she used English "to mother" and combined both Japanese as an art.

Work of the President of the "genyuukai" calligraphy school. Very powerful work. He explained or interpreted elaborately about the works. And said not to try too hard to read and rather see them like pictures. 

Many students' works were there as well. One of the works of "白いつゆ" is our next neighbor's boy's work. He was awarded among his grade. 
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  1. you should post whenever you get the time. you are always so good about visiting our posts so never worry about that! and i do hope your father can get re-settled again!

    these works are fascinating. i loved them. i liked the 'to mother' one you pointed out. very neat to mix languages!

  2. I hope your sweet dad is doing better- keeping him in my prayers, my dear friend!

    Loved the calligraphy and your helpful captions. To see it like art makes all the sense in the world, and truly, they are pieces of lovely art!

  3. Your posts are always so sweet and interesting as you explain everything so well. I was always fascinated by calligraphy and was told when I was younger that I would be good at it. Unfortunately now, my hand shakes too much when I try to write. So I will just admire it. Thank you for sharing this true art.

  4. Wow, these calligraphy works look very beautiful! Almost unable to read, haha, but as said by president of school, it's fun to see a a picture.
    I hope your father is doing well. Have a lovely new week, Miyako san xoxo

  5. Hallo dear Miyako. Another lovely header photo you have up there! Firstly, I do hope that your dad settles alright into his new care centre. It can be such a worry, can't it? I agree with BouncinBarb, your posts are always so sweet and informative. That looks like such an interesting Calligraphy exhibition. I have always loved handwriting, and have often thought of having a go at Calligraphy. I hope you have a pleasant week ahead dear friend., Hugs x

  6. Hello Miyako, you are so nice to visit and comment when you do. Please do not worry about visiting, I just wish everything goes well for you and your father! Thanks so much for sharing these Calligraphy works, they could pass for art. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  7. Such amazing nice to hear the Master explain ha little about how he does it. I hope your fathers move goes well. (I remember how hard it is to be a daughter at the stage you are in right now.)

  8. I love this art work ~ beautiful post and so glad you had a good time ~ good to have you here ~ carol ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. this is all very interesting. thanks for sharing.

  10. WHat beautiful works!

  11. So soory I have not called by for a while sweet Orchid! I actually feel like calligraphy is like allowing words to dance! Your exhibition photos gave a me a taste of the beauty on display, just wonderful :)

  12. Whoops 'sorry' speaking of words, my spelling is so clumsy, LOL, they would never 'dance' ;)

  13. Hi Orchid
    Love these wondrous to me calligraphy pictures - I would love to be able to do this! It looks a spectacular exhibition, thank you for showing it to us.
    Have a great week

  14. Hello Orchid!
    How lovely! There's some calligraphy up in the Art Gallery of Queensland, but I would love to see a full calligraphy exhibition!
    They are all so much better than when I tried it!
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Beautiful, my friend Miyako. I like most the calligraphy with Japanese atmosphere.

  16. they certainly vary a lot. I don't understand the ones that look uneven.

  17. they certainly vary a lot. I don't understand the ones that look uneven.