Saturday, October 5, 2013

Passion Flower; Tokeisou(時計草)

My First encounter with Passion Flower;

Yesterday, my friend took me to our city park. After we finished what we ought to do, we dropped by the tropical botanical garden in there.  She taught me about this flower; which I've never known nor seen. So surprised to know that this flower is related with Christ. And "passion" is not used in the meaning of  "fervor"

     We call this flower " Tokeisou/ 時計草" 
"Tokeisou" literally means "clock (watch) plant" in Japanese. The pistils sure look like clock hands. Oh, my poor knowledge for botany got enhanced a bit p;)  
Well, never have I had passion fruit, either.   
Learned a lot♡♡♡
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  1. Que linda e diferente! Que tenhas um lindo fim de semana,beijos,chica

  2. Hello Miyako, thanks for sharing this beautiful flower! After reading the Japanese meaning, I can see the resemblance of the clock. Cute! Have a happy week!

  3. Dearest Miyako san!
    Thank you very much for kawaii clock flower.
    Have a good time with Otosama!

  4. i don't think i've ever seen one in person but i admire them in photos.

  5. I've seen this flower at the botanical garden in Nara city two years ago. I visited there,thinking there is something good for my blog. I happened to encounter this flower. I was so surprised to see such rare flower.It really looks like clock.
    Have a nice Autumn!

  6. We have passion flowers growing quite well in the yard here, my dear friend, and such a lovely flower they are. In fact, once the roots take hold, they spread all over the place and can overwhelm other plants nearby. I think they like our hot, humid climate. So glad you got to visit with your friend! xo

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    The flower is beautiful but its fruit and fruit juice is even more exceptional and very healthy!
    Google for Passion Fruit...

  8. Wow what an unique looking flower! I've never seen or known the flower either. The name Tokeisou totally fits. This flower does look like a clock! Thank you for sharing, Miyako san. I learned something new today :-)

  9. Hi dear Miyako. I love the passion flower. It is so pretty. We have them quite a lot over here. They are usually climbing plants. Enjoy your weekend, and I hope that you are now fully back to good health. Hugs from me to you x

  10. Dear Miyako, how nice to see your post on the passion flower. You took a great photo of it. I don't think I've ever seen the flower before but I have tasted it's wonderful fruit and juice. Have a wonderful weekend. <3

  11. i have heard of passion flowers,but never seen is a spectacular flower! does it have a scent?
    i have heard of passion fruit..but never tasted it.
    thank you for sharing...and such a nice time you must have had!

  12. Such a beautiful flower dear Miyako . I have never seen it before as well. It's so unique and has such interesting design on it .

    Thanks for sharing :) have a lovely Sunday . Hugs :)

  13. Yes, they are such beautiful flowers, I wish you could visit me, I have them growing in the garden.

  14. Aren't they amazing flowers? I had never seen one until we went to Florida for the first time.