Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A few Fireworks Topic

                 We enjoyed fireworks with next neighbor's 2 children


This fireworks designed paperwork was made by pasting pressed flower "押し花 oshibana".  We call this kind of work "貼り絵, harie". My husband had some motivations for starting to make this. 
Firstly; he was so fascinated by the pressed flower of clovers which his ex-colleague's young boy made (link to my post). This work was made mainly by using the boy's 'pressed flower' of 4-leaf clover (5-leaf is upper right) except the biggest firework. My husband wished the boy to use his ability for his summer work. This was supposed to be the model for him. Unfortunately, he denied making it instantly. Seemed too hard for him p;)  
Hoping to have a favorable response, he also showed it to our neighbor's boy 'who did fireworks together'.  He said that will be the next summer's project, haha. 
Secondly; when young, my husband had one sweet memory seeing a famous cutout artist called Yamashita Kiyoshi (山下 清) introducing his works. Here is one of his work. And these are the links about him and his other works.

He wandered throughout Japan making remarkable cutout works despite a mild speech impediment and some neurological damage. His life was dramatized as well.

I got run out of draft for the next post, so I will be able to concentrate visiting you, my friends p;)  Wishing you all are having a wonderful week.

It got a bit late but decided to link this post to "Our World Tuesday"


  1. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely fireworks designed paperwork with all those pressed clover leaves. How special for having these four- and five-leaved clovers in there.
    It is always special to work with children and even more so when your husband's fond memory as a boy came back about that famous cutout artist.
    Happy week.

  2. i LOVE the clovers on the paper to look like fireworks! so beautiful and creative! i really like the cutout artist's works. amazing! thank you for sharing both!

  3. Oh my goodness so much beauty in this one post! Those are beautiful photos of the real fireworks.

    And the cutouts are so creative and intricate. Just beautiful and unlike anything I've ever seen. I also enjoyed the history of the famous cutout artist and I will follow the link to learn more about him.

    I think it is wonderful that both you and your husband are so talented and have so many different interests.

    This was a wonderful post. I learned so much and am in awe!

  4. Dearest Miyako san!
    A except the biggest fire work your husband wished the boy with for his summer work.
    Your husband has one sweet memory with Yamashita Kiyoshi I think was heat time of years with him.
    Miyako sama!
    Otosama to tanoshihu okurashi kudasai

  5. Dear Miyako,

    The real fireworks and the cut out work your husband did are amazing. I love all the pretty clovers and thanks for showing us his work.
    Many thanks for visiting me dear friend and wishing you a happy week

    Much hugs and greetings from NZ

  6. Gostei de ver os trabalhos com fogos e os trevos encantam sempre! beijos,chica

  7. Oh, we love fireworks here, my dear friend, and yours look spectacular!

    Your hubby is very talented, and what a wonderful memory to have of the celebrated cut- out artist.

    The beautiful fireworks help take the thoughts off of the oppressive heat. I hope you all are cooling down, at least some!

  8. Oh what beautiful paper work,just a fascinating art.
    I am back after massive computer problems,hoping they are over at last.
    Love & Hugs to my good friend

  9. Dearest Miyako,

    What an amazing craft of fireworks from pressed clover leaves on the paper.
    Your husband is very talented.
    surely with some color of pressed Japanese flower will be more beautiful
    wishing you a great week
    hugs to you

  10. Oh how beautiful! I love the harie art made with clovers very much! What a unique idea to use clovers to make fireworks! I remember making harie art when I was small. Can't remember what material I used though. Maybe it was origami cut in small pieces. I might try to do again. It is fun!
    I hope you are doing well, Miyako san. I heard it has been way too hot in Japan. Please take good care of yourself. Have a lovely week!

  11. Lovely pictures, Miyako. I love fireworks and the art work is beautiful!

  12. Hi dear Miyako. Gorgeous photos of the fireworks, and I'm glad you enjoyed them. Your hubby's artwork is excellent, and brought back those childhood memories for him. I did smile at the little boy not really being interested!! :( Eli and Ruby would certainly have loved to have a go! Hope you are keeping well my friend. Sending love & hugs to you x

  13. Konnichiwa! :)

    I heard about the recent Summer Festival and the Hanabi. I'm sure you enjoyed this display of fireworks!

  14. Hello Miyako,

    It is lovely seeing so many versions of fireworks. Your header is lovely and I love the pressed clovers and the Cutout works are also beautiful. Thanks for sharing! I hope the rest of your week is a happy one!