Friday, July 5, 2013

Kitty-chan & Dokin-chan Soba plates

(posted; Soba Noodle page) 
Hello friends;  Last Sunday, my husband made Soba and brought it to his ex-lady-colleague house from her request. She has 3 little girls (smallest is still a baby). He thought 2 elder girls would be excited to see his Kitty-chan & Dokin-chan plates he made for little ones. He wished these characters on the plates kind of surprise when they appear after they eat. However they were happy for the guest and interested in what he brought for them. The moment they saw the plates, they were overjoyed and even asked where is "Doraemon, ドラエモン" (*^_^*)
He looked happy telling me that they were facilitated by both plates and Soba.  
My pictures ended up really bad so I put them in the scrapbooks.

This is Dokin-chan in Anpanman.
Her name is from the onomatopoeia or the sound of heart throb in Japanese. "doki doki; どきどき".  Never seen the Anime, but I thought it is a cute name.

 I hope you all are having a wonderful week.  Wishing to visit you soon, friends!!!


  1. Que lindo tudo e bom te ver! Como estão as coisas? beijos,chica

  2. Those are absolutely precious, my dear friend! I can see why they were so thrilled with them. You and your husband are very talented and generous. Those girls will be happy with them for a long time to come!

    Have a wonderful week! xo

  3. those are beautiful! how sweet of him to think of the little ones! i recognized 'hello kitty' right away. the other cartoon/anime i'm not familiar with, but it looks cute!

  4. I love these soba plates! So pretty with cartoon characters. I don't remember Anpanman was on tv when I was child, but I did grow up with Doraemon :-) Oh I can imagine how excited the kids were when they saw these lovely plates!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    That must have been such a double pleasure for your dear husband for making these plates. He is quite an artist wood worker and these are too cute. No wonder that those girls got so excited! Who would not?
    Hugs to you,

  6. That was so thoughtful! Lucky family to have such a talented friend as your husband. Hello Kitty is very popular here; little girls (and even some bigger girls)love her. The other anime were new to me, but I bet kids would love them too.

  7. how lovely they are...and how thoughtful and sweet of your husband!!!

  8. Dear Miyako,

    Love the sweet work and how talented your husband is.
    My daughter was a great fan of hello kitty.
    I am so grateful for your friendship too, dear friend.
    thinking of you and hope that you and your Dad are doing well.
    Sending hugs

  9. Beautiful creations of plates.
    Doraemon??? ;) I love that cartoon. remembering me my childhood. Every sunday morning I stayed tuned in front of my TV for Doraemon ;)LOL
    hugs to you