Monday, April 22, 2013

My aunt's garden♪

Hi, friend's♡♡♡
I wish I had more time with PC.....  I hope I'll be able to catch up with you soon!!!
My cousin had birthday last Friday so I visited her house. My aunt-in-law really loves her garden and takes good care of it. I found NOT a weed there; I felt so embarrassed compared to ours(^^;)  My cousin shared me the pictures she took by putting them into SD-card.   I wish to share them with you today.

She said the black net is for the purpose of warding off cats

I love beautiful pink peony flower

Her close-up pictures of plum flower and tulip; I made collage with them

I thought that the petal of  wisteria looks orchid flower with close-up (*^_^*)

It was a nice break of the beautiful spring day for me p;)
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  1. Hi dear Miyako. How lovely to see you here again today - we miss you!!
    My goodness me, what a beautiful garden you have shown us today. Such wondrous plants and colours and, as you say, very neat and tidy. Your aunt in law, or your cousin, must work very hard at it. What a creation. I love it! Hope you and hubby are both keeping well and that Spring is well and truly blooming in your lovely country. Hugs x

  2. Que lindo jardim esse! Belo, bem cuidado, lindas flores! Ótima semana, beijos,chica

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely garden and you certainly enjoyed it.
    But warding off cats with the net on the ground I don't think will work... They can easily leap over and go wherever they want.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Dearest Miyako,
    Happy your cousin birthday on last Friday and her garden are beautiful AND your same as all ways ha ha
    Please don't forgot about you with both your cousin too.
    Otosan ga okorimasu yo not same looking your garden ha ha ha
    Have a beautiful Spring time!

  5. How breathtakingly beautiful, my dear friend! I can't get over how vibrant and lush everything is. The cat deterrent is a good thing. We have trouble with wild hogs getting into ours and rooting things up, so I'm looking for something to keep them out.

    I'm glad you got to spend time with family and that you shared such loveliness with us!

  6. oh my word, that is absolutely breathtaking! just so beautiful! that weeping wisteria bush is SO lovely! the entire garden is an oasis.

  7. Hi Miyako, what a gorgeous garden, the flowers are some of the most beautiful ones I have seen. Thank you for sharing them with us. Hope all is well. This post is so perfect in every way, especially as today we celebrate Earth Day! xo

  8. Such an amazing garden, so many wonderful colours

  9. Beautiful garden!!
    I love this post, I love all the flowers!!
    Have a nice week!!

  10. Wow your aunt-in-law's garden is amazing! How beautiful! These flowers are like the ones you can see at special exhibit! Wisteria is so lovely. My parents' garden has them and I used to enjoy these flowers in spring :-)
    Glad you shared pictures with us. I enjoyed a lot!!

  11. Miyako, your Aunt has a beautiful garden and your cousin's pictures are wonderful. I like the way you made the collage.

    We have visited some Japanese gardens here in the states and they are always so beautiful...your Aunt's is as lovely as those public places, which have many more people working to maintain them.

  12. Miyako, your aunt's garden is beautiful! I wish mine looked like this but at the moment it doesn't look like I have ever worked in it. There are so many beautiful flowering shrubs and trees and everything looks so well tended. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, I've enjoyed seeing this lovely garden. Best wishes to my dear little bs. Love always

  13. wow, what a pretty garden, i'm envious LOL

  14. What lovely shots of the garden!

  15. Hello Miyako, thanks for sharing the beautiful garden. I love the peony and the wisteria. They are all colorful and gorgeous plants. Lovely photos. Wishing you a happy day today and week ahead.

  16. Miyako,

    Esse deve ser o jardim do paraíso. Simplesmente fascinante.
    Você sabe que sou apaixonada por jardins, e depois de ver esse, senti até envergonhada do meu. Lol.
    Um lindo dia querida amiga!
    Abraço brasileiro, direto da Nova Zelândia.

  17. Stunning colours!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  18. Dear Miyako,

    How amazing your Aunts beautiful big garden is. It looks like a park and so many gorgeous flowers and trees.
    The pink peonies and the wisteria are pretty.
    Hope all is well with you and you are having a lovely week

  19. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous garden your aunt has. Don't you worry about getting around any faster to our blogs. I think we are all having a hard time keeping up lately and it should be fun. ;-)

    Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship Miss Miyako. Sending you love, Mina