Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello, my friends♪♪♪

Thank you for visiting again, friends♡♡♡
I've changed the header and 'abut me' page as I wished them to have a bit of spring atmosphere, p;)

First of all, I wish to send my thoughts and prayers for the innocent runner, families and friends and all of those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. We were surprised for another atrocious crime or terrorism even in Japan. And as my first header when I started blogging has white flower and the saxophone my husband plays, I wished to use it today.  (he said he wishes to send his music people in America) 
I would like to inform you that I may not post as often as I used to do.  Will be back soon when I can. I wish to see you in your blog, my friends.  
Love you always, xoxo   Miyako*


  1. Miyako,

    Isso que aconteceu em Boston é muito triste. Pessoas inocentes sofrendo, e nem sabemos o motivo dessa barbaridade.
    Eu peço a Deus pelas famílias dessas pessoas que se foram, e pra aquelas que sofreram ferimentos.
    Muito lindo o gesto de seu esposo, e seu também.
    Espero que você volte em breve.
    Receba meu abraço.

  2. Thank you, my dear friend, and also thank your kind hubby. These are such sad times, and no one really understands why. Your warm wishes help to ease that which is unexplainable.

    Please take care of yourself!

  3. It was such sad day...such a terrible crime. Warm and kind thoughts from you and your husband sure comfort hearts of victims and all of us.

  4. Lamentável o que aconteceu, realmente. Fatos que nos amedrontam! beijos,fica bem,chica

  5. thank you, my dear sweet japanese friend - and your husband, too. what warm and gracious souls you are.

    i hope you are well, dear one.

  6. Thank you Miyako. All of you and your husbands kind words and thoughts help to ease the pain of those affected.
    I hope you are well dear friend!

  7. I remember this header, Miyako, and so sweet of your husband to think of us. Always happy to see a post from you, when you can. (((hugs))) xo

  8. Dearest Miyako,
    Enjoy whatever needs to be done. We will wait for you!

  9. Lovely header; it is so sweet of you and your dear husband. I hope you are taking some time off for a happy reason.

  10. The header is so lovely and I feel spring. I always enjoy your headers. The terrorism in Boston reminded me 9.11. Surveillance cameras in there are powerful.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  11. Thank you for the kind words. It is lovely your husband wants to send music to Americans. It is a sad time and it hurts my heart to see so many harmed by violence. God bless you, Miyako.