Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello everyone; I hope you are enjoying your new season. I have been SO busy for several personal things...  (haha, skip rambling about personal matter) 
The day before yesterday, I found that many of my 'about me pages' have trouble for transparent setting of the "picture window" template (not Ethereal). For my blog, I'd been using "Google Chrome" not "Internet Explorer".  I happened to open one of them through I.E and found the color trouble like the screen shot below. (Upper one form G.C and lower one from I.E.)  I'm not sure if the cause of the trouble is due to the 'Browser' or 'html'. I couldn't find the solution. As long as I have made them, I decided to keep using them(^^;)  

Silly me learned about difference between browser and search engine this time p;)  
I wonder if what browser you use and had any trouble like this...

SO sorry about my absence for you, my friends.  I will catch up with you later this evening and tomorrow.  My husband is not home, hehe.


  1. Your blog is always so lovely, my dear friend, and even with the strange things I.E. does to Blogger, or visa versa, your page is still one of the loveliest I've seen.

    I hope things settle down for you soon- take care and don't overdo!

  2. i use Google Chrome,but a short time ago i used IE and Firefox(probs with chrome!!)...your blog has always looked lovely from any of them!!!
    hope all is well!!!

  3. oh, that's interesting! i use google chrome only since it works so much better with blogger and gmail, etc. i wonder if folks see different colors in my templates with different browsers. hmmm... thanks for sharing that!

  4. I cannot use IE at all any longer and do not know why! I use Google Chrome and it is the best to view my blog. You are so good to investigate all these issues, Miyako. xo

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    Funny, I've never noticed such a difference... for editing and such I use Google Chrome but sometimes I do view it in Internet Explorer and never noticed a difference in appearance.
    Hugs to you and keep your lovely blog coming. You have so many details. Sure, Japanese ARE masters in the detail... you by far surpass me in that!
    Hugs and admiration,

  6. I find GoogleChrome very easy, I use it all the time at home and at work. However we have to use I.E for the SAP applications at work, and it tend to crash a lot.
    Hope you're having a great Friday my friend.

  7. Essas coisas acontecem. Uso o Google Chrome...beijos,lindo fds! chica

  8. Dear Miyako,
    Your blog is always lovely. It's one of the most beautiful ones I've seen and I have never noticed any problems with it. You have such an eye for putting together images and making something beautiful. I would keep doing what you're doing. Much love your bs

  9. Dear Miyako san,
    I think only time with Japanese and English as frequently as before no comments.
    Have a lovely time with Otosan!

  10. Dear Miyako,

    Always a delight to come and visit you dear friend and many thanks for visiting me.
    Hope that you have a wonderful weekend

    Sending love and hugs

  11. Teraz mogę wejść na blog przez Twoją ikonkę. Teraz jest dobrze. Ja od dawna używam Google Chrome. Jet to dobra przeglądarka i ma Tłumacza, co bardzo pomaga. Pozdrawiam.
    Now I can go to the blog by your icon. It is good. I am a long time I use Google Chrome. Jet is a good browser and is the translator, which helps a lot. Yours.

  12. I've had that kind of experience before, Miyako, finding out that something I thought was right on my blog was all wrong. But I never even know how to fix my own problems, so I couldn't try to help you :<(.

    But I do know know exactly what you mean about using time when your husband is away from home to catch up with blogging ;>)