Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Soba and Pizza lunch♪

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Last Thursday, we have been to the restaurant where they serve soba and pizza; it located about half an hour from our house. My husband heard about the place and we could finally visited there. His checking the smell of soba must have drawn his attention p;)   The owner and he had a little conversation. Later he said that the decorous owner takes great care of the flours for soba and pizza.   Also, I made him a bit blushed taking many pictures there(^^;)

        It was a refreshing surprise being able to enjoy both noodle and pizza♡♡♡


owner of the restaurant

overlooking the lake from outside deck

       We also could observe how pizzas are baked. We loved this sweet young staff.

Soaba had a good flavor. And I don't care for cheese much but I found it was just sprinkled over the pizza and teased nice. 

  Thank you very much for stopping by, hope you are having a wonderful week
       (PS>  I'm busy for some errands today.  Visiting you later, my friends.)


  1. What a beautiful restaurant, Miyako. The scenery is gorgeous. The food looks delicious. Interesting pizza. Glad you tried it even though you don't like cheese. :) xo

  2. Such a lovely place. I think anything here would taste good in such a beautiful spot.
    It all looks delicious,wish I could taste some!
    Love & Hugs

  3. i bet the owner was pleased you enjoyed his food - especially since your husband makes his own soba. cute little pizza chef! :)

  4. Wow soba and pizza, interesting conbination! The restaurant looks beautiful! I love the decoration for both inside and outside entrance. And the great view! It must feel very nice to dine on that deck :-) I'd love to visit that restaurant some day and have both soba and pizza!

  5. Dear Miyako,

    What a lovely restaurant you went to and thanks for taking us along.
    I enjoyed seeing your wonderful photos, interesting to have both the pizza and noodles and it looks delicious.

    Happy day

  6. What a picturesque restaurant, my dear friend! The food sounds lovely, as well, and I'm glad you shared the pictures with us. I would love to sit by that large pizza oven on a cold day and not move at all!

    It would be a perfect day to visit a restaurant like that and have lunch with you.

    Love from Texas~

  7. what a lovely restaurant!!! the view is gorgeous!!
    what a nice day you had!!!
    loved the pictures!!!

  8. Gorgeous, and the view is lovely! Makes me hungry just looking at the pictures of the dishes. We have a lovely Japanese restaurant here in Dublin, which is my fav place....very nice food. Enjoy your night and have a lovely Thursday!


  9. I love the look of the restaurant, especially the fireplace. It is fun to find a good place to eat.

  10. Miyako sama!
    Konnichi wa hontoni watashi wa atamaga hontoni hoto itachimasu.
    Atui natuno higa minichi iyaninarimasu.
    Soba to Pizza wa tabetai desu...
    Amega nagaikoto furimasen hanamo dameni narimashita.
    Otosanto tanoshiku oagari kudasaimase

  11. Dear Miyako,
    The restaurant looks like a wonderful place to have a meal out. I don't think I have ever seen one with so many beautiful features and the food looks delicious as well. It must have been an enjoyable experience and I am sure the owner was very pleased with all of the attention from you and your hubby. Thank you for sharing. Much love from your bs

  12. What fantastic photos you took for us Miyako, and what a super place to go for a meal. Hopefully you will be able to go back there again! I'm so sorry I'm late. I've just read your latest post, but I couldn't place a comment. Please do NOT be sorry dear friend. We all get behind with blogging sometimes, and we all understand. I'm behind because my daughter is with me from France. The good thing about blogging, is that we will all still be here - we're not going anywhere, so please do NOT worry!! We love your blog! Hugs and love from West to East xx

  13. Dear Miyako,

    Understand and know that life can often get busy.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend


  14. Your photos are so amazing! It looks like a wonderful restaurant and having both pizza and soba would be such a treat! Have a beautiful day sweetie!

  15. Wonderful location for the restaurant! Anything would taste better with that view. I like soba noodles and pizza almost feels like a native American food (although it isn't really of course). But it surprises me to find them both on the same menu.