Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Soba-gaki; very simple lunch

(posted; Soba Noodle page)

Very simple lunch (soba-gaki and boild eggs)
This type of soba called soba-gaki (蕎麦掻き) is not noodle shaped. As this page said it is buckwheat flour paste. Soba-gaki is no longer so much of popular food, while old days it must have been when rice was really precious for common people. You will know the detail and how we make it from the page I pasted. You might think it doesn't look tasty but for us it is as delicious as noodle type. Just easier for my husband not to make it into noodles, haha. We just pick some amount with chopsticks and dip them into the soup. Thanks to my husband, I have the privilege to have these soba (buckwheat) meal (*^_^*)

pasted from this page 
Also this page will show you various type of sobagaki dish pictures.

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  1. Hi Miyako, your sobagaki looks yummy. Is your hubby the cook in the family? MY hubby likes to do the cooking. Thanks for sharing, wishing you a happy day!

  2. Schaut lecker aus...

    Lieben Gruß aus fernem Land

  3. Dearest Miyako san,
    Tokidoki-no Soba gaki bild eggs wa totemo oishi-desu. I'm so happy to see you Miyako san.
    Yahari Japanese desu ne...
    Tayori ne shite masu yo Miyako san!
    Kio tukete karadani okurashi kudasai mase

  4. Hello Miyako!
    I'd love to try this simple lunch! It's lunchtime in Greece right now and your pictures look delicious! :)

  5. That does look yummy, my dear friend Miyako! Simple and nutritious. I've never had soba noodles, but would love to try them someday. It's looks like you and your hubby have it down to an art~

  6. This looks very good and easy to make.
    Sometimes I make noodles( we call pasta ) here and we always enjoy them. Better then waht we buy in store,just a bit more work.
    Lov & Hugs sweet friend

  7. an interesting meal. easy is good. :)

  8. It is fun to see meals from other countries.
    Thank you for your prayers. It is much appreciated.

  9. Both of our cultures, Miyako, enjoy noodles!! Not so popular anymore, people worry about the carbohydrates. Oh well. It was easier when we were young! Ha ha Love you! xo


  10. I love simple meal!
    I don't think I had soba-gaki before. But it sure looks delicious!

  11. I find seeing the type of meals those in other countries eat so interesting......

  12. Good morning dear!
    This really looks fantastic...and delicious...

    Thank you for visiting and commenting. My English is not so good but I'll try to tell you what other comments , on my blog, refer to.
    July 2010- Doctors found out that my beloved husband had an intestine cancer. He had Quimo, radiotherapy ...and surgery - February 2011! More quimo. Now he is going every 3 months to regular appointment's to check in...and so good.
    It was a very difficult period of our lives. And it is still difficult because there is always the risk of the cancer get you can imagine. But for now I every day thank God for His Mercy and Love. I pray...and I say "Thank You Lord...for one more day ..."!

    That is why sometimes I'm sad...but don't you worry...I'm fine...
    Hug you...
    Isabel, aka, BlueShell

  13. Dear Miyako,

    The Soba- gaki looks delicious and will make a very nice lunch. Thanks for sharing. We often go to Japanese Restaurants over here, as we enjoy the food.

    Have a lovely weekend

    ps. that was me in the photo and many thanks for visiting me.

  14. Hello Miyako,
    These are making me feel really hungry! They look delicious. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Love from Clare xxx

  15. I always fall in love Japanese dishes.

    make me hungry!