Monday, October 22, 2012

Attention Please♪

Haha, you might wonder what the title of this post means. 
Did you have a dream when young or have one now?

The drama called "Attention Please", I enjoyed very much when I was early teenager, featured about the story of a young ambitious flight attendant (stewardess, at that time) and inspired me very much.  I dreamed to be one for a while until I learned that it requires us certain height p;)  I remember it gave me quite a discouragement for me at that time. The job seemed really attractive and elegant as well as having a chance to use English.
Some of my old friends will remember that my first interest in English was from one pretty returnee, whose father was a doctor and worked in America for one year, came into my class when junior high. Her beautiful English pronunciation blushed our teacher. Both her marvelous English and the drama were the huge impact for a young Japanese girl about 40 years ago.
I will paste the theme song I found just for my reminiscent sake, hehe.

I still am struggling to enhance my hearing ability and it is my dream to be able to comprehend foreign movies in English as if it were my mother tongue(^^;)
The recent post (Just be you !) of my dear friend Amy (Art From the Heart) inspired me a lot. And I watched the news that 90 year old Japanese lady has been blogging for 6 years posting her water painting every day and wonderful notes under it. She said that she wished to keep writing her blog until 100 years old. I will paste her Japanese blog here. (Dear water-color painter Eva, you will find her blog fascinating)

Thank you very much for stopping by and I know I am a bit behind catching up commenting for you. I will after I had lunch today


  1. I love watercolor painting, Miyako, I will check out her blog. I wanted to be a flight attendant/stewardess, too, when I was little, but at that time you also needed to be a nurse! xo

  2. Dear Miyako,

    I enjoyed reading your desire and dream to be an air stewardess, think we all had dreams like that as they always seemed so glamorous and flying to beautiful countries.
    Great that there are so many inspirational people, like blogging at 90 and I took a look at the watercolours, painted by Eva... how amazing she is.
    Do hope you are enjoying the weekend

  3. What a wonderful show that must have been, my dear friend Miyako! I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you to become one, but I have a friend who is one and she says it is a lot of work on the feet and leaves a person very tired.

    I love the artist's blog- beautiful! Just are you are, too, my friend!

  4. i need to find a new dream right now and have been struggling to find one. :) thank you for the encouragement in your words. :)

    the painter is wonderful! you are correct - eva will love it. they are both very talented.

  5. I think a lot of little girls dreamed of being an air hostess, it seemd to be so glamorous, and you got to fly to foreign countries.
    I watched your video post for Japan Air Lines and they were certainly appealing, you can understand why girls wanted to be part of it.
    I visited the 2 blog sites you mentioned, amazing that someone is blogging at age 90, I wonder if we will be :D


  6. I looked at Eva's blog and she is amazing. I dreamed of being a flight attendant too. But I got married and had kids instead. I have been taking some water color classes and now my dream is to paint and blog until I'm 90.

  7. Lieben Gruß und genieße den Tag bei Sonnenschein und Regen...


  8. I also dreamed about being a stewardess. It would be exciting to fly to new places all the time. I am going to check out your friends blogs too. I wish you a great week ahead.

  9. I also wanted to become a stewardess. But I heard stewardess need to have good eyesight. My eyesight was getting poor in those days.
    It's wonderful for 90 year old lady to write a blog. Thank you for sharing encouraging.
    Have a nice week!

  10. I love all your stories about how you were influenced to learn English. You're very good and it takes a lot of practice and dedication and passion to learn another language fluently.

  11. When we were young becoming a stewardess was one of the most exciting things we could imagine. They always looked so beautiful and happy in the photos and they traveled to wonderful and exiotic places. It was either being a flight attendent or a movie star. Now that I'm old I want to be an old lady who blogs and has wonderful friends all over the world. Thank you for the links. They are both interesting and inspiring. Have a wonderful week my dear bs. Love always


  12. Ohh Miyako san, I wish I could be able to fully understand movies in English! I live in the U.S. for over 10 years but still have experience of not understanding what is said.
    The blogs you mentioned sounds wonderful! I will go over to read these blogs!

  13. Hi Miyako. I've never heard of that television programme, but it obviously made a big impression on you! I think, at the time, a lot of young girls wanted to be Air Stewardesses!Like you, I'm not tall enough either. Gosh, I will certainly go over and look at the blog of the 90 year old Japanese lady. What an inspiration she must be! Good for her. Always a pleasure to read your posts my dear friend. Hugs x

  14. Dear Miyako,

    Thank you for referring to my blog, and for your visits and nice comments. I really appreciate them. Hope you've had a good Monday.
    Enjoy your week my friend.


  15. Although I haven't heard of this show I do remember watching a show about Airline Stewardesses when I was younger and also thought it looked like an awesome job but like you I would have been too

  16. Not so many weeks ago, I experienced a lost love and it was one of those toughest times when my tears fell constantly and I hoped the supply would dry out. Nonetheless, my mom helped me realize that this could be a blessing in disguise after all. So I continued to dream, to be alive and to thank our good Lord for all the blessings.

    You take care too Miyako :)

  17. I found your delightful blog through my friend, Barbara, at Two Birds and a B! Your English is fantastic! I love reading about your life in Japan. My Hubby and I love to watch "Shogun" over and over with the wonderful actors. I went on an interview for a flight attendant job just out of high school in the late 1960s. On my way there we walked by a construction site and I got a piece of dirt in my eye and couldn't get it out and had to do the interview blinking over and over. Need less to say I didn't get the job but that was ok because I decided to go to college instead and met my Hubby to be!

  18. When I was still at school - many years ago - I wanted to be a stewardess. I often dreamed of flying off to faraway counries. But I never did get around to it.
    Both the artists are very talented - I often wish I could paint.

  19. Oh yes, those dreams of ours always stay with us, don't they? I don't think you realize just how wonderful your English truly is, my lovely friend. You have a better vocabulary and grammatical ability than many American born people. I have no doubt that one day you will watch and understand foreign movies with the ease of a natural. I am off to visit this remarkable woman you spoke of. Many hugs and warm wishes, Mina

  20. Miyako Dear,

    I have too a have a great English by then.this post remembering me when I was youth I had have to learn by myself to study English from books,songs,movies.thus my English so poor haha, meanwhile i have no clue whether my dream already came true or not. Because life changes continuously.

    love toyou darl