Friday, August 3, 2012

Hello, I'm one month old boy ♪

My old friend since high school, who has two daughters, had another grandson from her younger daughter. She has another two more grandsons from elder daughter. Both of her sweet daughters were my students of English when they were high school girls. Although My friend's house is less than one and a half drive away from my house. I haven't seen her and and her daughter long. So happy to see them and healthy new-born boy baby. As you might notice, he is a little bigger than average one month baby.

Sorry, normally I don't like showing up much... but I liked this shot.
   (we call a picture with 3 people "three shot" in Japanese English, 
maybe this one is "four shot", haha)

I was a bit scared because not much experience holding that little one p;)

My hubby made soba and had them together for lunch. He got soba ready for elder daughter's family living close to her as well; I really missed seeing them. Hubby looked glad that they praised his soba and said really delectable still holding a flavor of buckwheat. We enjoyed first chat in a long while. 

*being home for childbirth in Japan  里帰り出産 (さとがえり しゅっさん;satogaeri shusan)
It is quite common in Japan that mother take care of her own girl's childbirth and let them stay with her about a month. I think it is quite reasonable thing to do for baby's mother, I wonder if it is also other countries culture as well. I've wrote about 里帰り "Satogaeri, Going back to home town"  here .


  1. congrats to your friend and her growing family. cute big boy!

    it is usual for the grandmother to come after her daughter gives birth to assist for a few days. but not for a month here in the US.

  2. What a beautiful baby boy! Sweet Miyako, you are so lovely in these images and I am glad you shared them. You look wonderful holding that precious little love. I hope you are having a fabulous week. Warm hugs, Mina

  3. Hi Miyako, what a beautiful baby boy, he is big for one month. The "three shot" is a beautiful photo. Here the moms assist for a few days, most young grandmas are still working but a lot babysit so daughters can go back to work. xo

  4. You are beautiful, my dear friend Miyako, adn I'm so glad you are in these pics. The baby is adorable, and he is going to be a big boy. What a fun visit, and how wonderful of your hubby to cook his specialty!

  5. That is a sweet 3-4 person photo. Many times mom goes to the home of the new help, baby and mom. Now, some men can take time away from work to help with new baby..That is very nice for all of the family.

  6. Dearest Miyako san,

    You look lovely in those pictures! You should show yourself more often to us.
    That is a special reunion with your friend and her daughter, plus baby boy of one month.
    Funny, tonight we went to the Grand Re-opening of the Old Dublin Post Office and I did hold a 3-week old baby boy. So cute to hold such tiny wonder.
    Hugs and love to you and you are lucky for having such a Chef of a husband. He can feel proud for serving great food!

  7. Adorable big boy! Very nice 4 person photo. It's nice that you got to visit you friend.

  8. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

    Lieben Gruß

  9. What lovely photos! The baby is so lovely and the soba looks delicious! Over here I think grandmothers assist for a few days, though mine lived round the corner so she used to look after us a lot!

  10. Miyako san,
    It was lovely to see your satogaeri
    with baby's mother eat with hubby soba hubby sama ga buckwhwwt ..
    Every body so happy to see your Satogaeri family and baby's happy too.
    Anatamo tanoshi koto ga takusan arimasu ne.
    I was very happy to read about your
    family at home.

  11. Dear Miyako,
    It was nice you were able to visit with your friend and her daughter and that darling baby boy.
    The 3 or 4 shot is a lovely photo and if I looked like you I'd be in more photos. I'm sure your hubby's soba was enjoyed by your guests as much as he enjoyed making it for them.
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear bs. Love always.

  12. My good friend what lovely pictures. You are very pretty and such a handsome young boy.
    Happy you had such a good visit !
    Love & Hugs

  13. you look so beautiful in the pictures - i'm so glad that you shared them. he is a darling little baby. maybe a bit bigger than average but not so big.

    so glad you got a chance to visit and that your hubby made soba noodles for the visit.

    most of the women i know who have had children have not had the luxury of having their mother to attend to them for a month following. many don't even have help immediately following. my DIL has been fortunate that her mother has come to visit her from Taiwan and stayed for about a month after each of the babies (except the oldest) were born. i was not able to go visit at all (i did finally get to see them this summer).

  14. ohhh... the baby is so cute !
    When I had my baby my mother stayed with me for the first 2 weeks to help.
    Love, Lorraine

  15. Two of my daughers moved back home after their child was born and stayed here for about 3 months but Natasha my middle child didn't she moved out before Blain was born and didn't come home again even though I wanted her to she wanted to prove to me that she could do it on her own.

    Love the photos, babies are so special and so cute.....I love babies but don't want any more of my own I am happy with grandbabies now.......

  16. Oh he is so cute!! Congratulations to your friend and her family for the new family member! I love this "four shot" very much. You look beautiful! I'll be scared to hold baby, too, haha :-)

  17. What a beautiful baby! My mother came and stayed with me for a month with my first born child. I stayed with my daughter Sandy for a month also. I helped Christine each day for a long time. It is wonderful to have mothers help you to bathe and hold your new baby. God bless.

  18. I love new babies. Their so sweet.