Monday, August 6, 2012

Variety of Noodles in Japan (part 2)

(posted; Japanese meal page)
冷やし中華 (Hiyashichuka; Japanese Chilled Ramen Noodles)
I sometimes make this cold type noodle during the summer.  This is what I made yesterday for lunch; as always the taste is better than it looks, haha.

the noodle was ended up hidden by the toppings, haha. 
I always put cooked shiitake-mushroom.
We pour dressing which has refreshing sweet vinegar taste. 

     We can buy packages with noodle and some different types of sources. 
      I always choose soy sauce base and changing taste by adding
   powdered soup stock, cooking liquor, sugar etc.
And you can have the recipes here

*Here is the pictuires from PC

*Little note for my friends;
My main purpose for blogging now is wishing friends to know little about Japan through my humble posts. I am really happy if I am contributing slightly for that.
To compensate my lack of English ability, I'm using pictures a lot.  Besides that, my comment for you may be irrelevant to your post at times not being able to understand well.  I'd appreciated if you will be tolerant to me for that, I know it's happening sometime (^^;)


  1. i think you do just fine with english in your comments and posts. :)

    my husband would enjoy all of your meals, too. :)

  2. I think you are doing just fine, no worries!

  3. Your posts are always delightful and very informative Miyako! All these noodle dishes seem delicious, I'd love to try each and every one!
    Enjoy the new week! :)

  4. I think your English is wonderful - I wish I could communicate in different languages!!!!
    I also enjoy reading your posts they are always interesting. :))

  5. Hi Miyako, Sorry I had not visited in a while but was painting our bedroom and had limited time to blog. Your food is making me hungry, looks so delicious. Your blog is always so pretty and I have no problem to understand you, not to worry. You are my dear friend from Japan and I appreciate you very much. Hugs, Lu

  6. You do a wonderful job on your comments. Your noodle dish looks so delicious!

  7. YOu are VERY accomplished in your English, my dear friend Miyako, moreso than some native borrrn speakers I know!

    Your dishes look delectable! They must be such a tasty treat on these hot days~

  8. Dearest Miyako san,

    Don't be bashful about your English as you speak and write it better than a lot of natives.
    This is always a treat for learning more about your culture and you are not boring us with its contents at all.
    Photos are always the very best for visualizing things, they speak far better to the mind than just 'dry' words.
    Hugs and love to you from your American friend,


  9. I love learning things about Japan, your food, your tradtitions and you lifestyle it seems so different from what we have here in Aus.......Your English is just fine my friend I have no problem understanding you....

    That noodle dish looks like something hubby would like if only he would try it but he would just say I don't eat pasta.......and not give it a try.......however I have noticed that when he has had different pasta dishes that he has liked

  10. Dear Miyako,
    What a great post! I did look at the recipe and want to try it. We have good places to buy the things to make this.
    I have no problem with what you post. I understand what you say very well. Do not owrry about it.
    If I have question I will ask.
    Love & Hugs, Amy Jo

  11. Miyako san..your posts are always delightful and i have absolutely no trouble!!! goodness..i do not know anything about your language ,i van't speak or write it! i am always in awe of those who know more than their native language!! your photos are wonderful..i would love to have some of these noodles!!! everything is so beautifully is like looking at art!!!

  12. Konichiwa Miyako!
    I love your posts, your English is excellent. My only problem is that I always read your blog before my lunch and it makes me really hungry! I love learning about Japan very much and I'm going to enter a competition to win a holiday there by writing a blog about my favourite Japanese things. I might have to ask you some questions, if you would like to help me.
    Thank you!
    Clare xxx

  13. Hi Miyako san. I love hiyashichuka! It's a great meal for summer. Your hiyashichuka looks delicious with lots of toppings! And I love your glass bowl too :-)
    You are very modest about your English - I'm not native speaker (as you know, hehe) but I think your English is excellent! The way you write is always very clear and cheerful, and I enjoy a lot! Your blog is a great place to know more about Japan for non-Japanese friends and of course for me!

  14. My Dear
    Nice blog ! Your tea set is wonderful !I found you from Fiona's blog !
    Have a nice day

  15. Sweet Miyako, your english is amazing and you should never apologize for it. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful culture beauty you share. Hugs, Mina