Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thank you Jo-Anne♪ Another Award!

My dear friend Jo-Anne who coincidentally lives in sister-city with my city tagged me with wonderful "Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award"   Here is the little role come along with it.

*Include the award's logo in a post or on your blog.
*Share the love, and link the person who nominated you.
*Tell seven facts about yourself.
*Nominate 7 other fabulous bloggers.

Now, my 7 facts about myself;  I looked back my label "award". I hope you don't mind I use some of them, so sorry(^^;) 

1) Wish to have had a sisiter!!!
I only had my late brother (a brother and a sister);  so I still have a strong longing for a big sister. How wonderful if I had and live close each other. I cannot resist this "sisterhood award" ♪

2) My interest in English started with pronunciation.
More than 40 years ago when I was a junior high school girl, one pretty returnee, whose father was a doctor and worked in America for one year, came into my class. She made us stunned in English class with her natural American English pronunciation (blushed our teacher beyond his capability)
She had hard time blend in with the classmates, however I got on well with her and I had privileges getting lots of tips how to use lips and tongue. Sure was the amazing, dramatic finding at the time for me. I reminisce I pestered my father to buy a tape-recorder (very rare back in those days) and practiced English with it. My sweet students have hard time to get the knack of the difference between the vowel-base Japanese and consonant-base English.

3) Very tiny woman 
I am a very tiny woman. I have problem in my pituitary gland causing the hormone disorder. A bit lack of growth hormone.

4) I have a wish to have a pet, (like a toy poodle or a bird)  but hubby is not for the idea, saying don't know which or who have a longevity. I am giving in to it (*^_^*)

5) I have a sweet tooth,  If I don't have a chocolate or a cake even for 2days, I'll go half crazy, haha.

6) Kind of a lonely type, I always wish to have a company with me.

7) For the last, Love hubby very much and feel dependeing on him.

I think I will make this precious award my last award;
    I will put this sign at the bottom of my awards in my side-bar.

Anyway, I have been thinking about the award thing if I have a chance to have another one and I really think you are all so deserving of all of the awards. I feel like I can't choose any one blogger to receive one from me. I ended up decided that my blog will now be award free.  I wish you all to understand me.

I truly think that every single one of your blogs is award worthy! 


  1. What a sweet post, "Orchid", I will happily be your "blogging sister" across the seas. Big title I give myself!! ha ha I often wished I had a sister (or a brother) but thankfully I have really close friends who feel like family to me. Pets are wonderful and offer companionship, but they also can be a lot of work and can tie you down (need to find someone to care for them if you go away). I also became an award and tag free blog. Have a wonderful week, Miyako. It is very hot here, going to be over 100 degrees F. xo

  2. Congratulations! There is no one morre deserving of an award than you, my dear friend Miyako. I enjoyed reading the facts about you and I am so glad we are all connected as friends and sisters in this wonderful blogging world. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Ich finde Deine Entscheidung gut und weise!
    Wie soll man denn auch 7 als besonders benennen, wenn man so viele Leser hat und selbst vielen anderen folgt. Dafür braucht man wohl kaum eine Auszeichnung weiter geben, denn solche haben meiner Meinung nach alle verdient...

    Lieben Gruß

  4. Congratulations on this sisterhood Award dear Miyako. You are so certainly deserving of it! I will be posting on mine in a couple of days. I agree with you though, it really is SO hard to just pick a few of our bloggy friends, when we love them all! That is such a pretty picture for your Award Free Blog! Sending big hugs your way x

  5. Congratulations on your lovely award and you are so deserving! I understand your feelings though, it really is too difficult to choose.

  6. Glad I found this wonderful Blog!
    xx BlueShell

  7. Congratulations on your award!
    It is very nice you got a friend whom you learned English pronunciation from when you were in Jr. high school. I still struggle with pronunciation and accent.
    I was lucky to have a friend who gave me an award and I was thinking about sharing it with you...but I see you are going award-free. I understand, it's very difficult to choose one from many great bloggers. BTW your award-free picture is very pretty!! I wish you a great weekend, Miyako san :-)

  8. I presented this award to you in hope that others would discover what a wonderful woman you, like you I love chocolate and cake and often like to bake a cake.....pets can be great but can also be a lot of work so I understand hubhby not wanting one my hubby would rather we didn't have a

  9. Dearest Miyako,

    What a poetic story, very well told to all of us. You sure were very privileged for having this girl in your class. Campbell's Soup would call that: JIT = Just In Time...
    But you mastered that language beautifully and by blogging you sure can reach a large audience!
    Well, you are tiny in body but a giant by heart and mind!
    Love you very much and yes, I agree with those awards, I no longer can pass them on... Too much trouble finding some as all are worthy of them.

  10. Miyako, Congratulations on this award. How wonderful that you received it. I too have no sister or brother either, only child and I always wanted a sister too. My mother was very small lady also. Hugs...Lu

  11. Dear Miyako,
    I wish we lived closer so we could spend time visiting. I have two blood related sisters and think of you as my blog related sister. I treasure the friendship we have. My dear sister, you may be a very small woman in stature but you have a big heart and are a joy to know. Love always from your bs.

  12. What a beautiful award! I completely understand how difficult it is to pass these awards to just a few people. I've thought about it myself.

    I wish we lived closer so I could just give you a big hug for being such a wonderful friend. Have a beautiful week, my sweet Miyako.

  13. I am new around your blog :) and I love it..
    I am your new happy follower :D


  14. Oh congratulations on your lovely award Miyako - so very well deserved. You have a really lovely blog and I enjoy coming to read what you have been doing.
    I totally understand what it's like to try and pick a few to pass it on to. I think you did the right thing.
    Have a great week. :))

  15. Congratulations on your award, and really I feel we all belong to the sisters of the blog world. I too often feel as though I might have offended someone by not including them when passing on an award.

  16. Dear Miyako,
    You are a very sweet person,

  17. congratulations!!
    a well deserved award!! I understand your desire for an award free blog..and it is hard to choose,isn't it..for i know that each blog i visit is special and important for me in it's own way!! so,i see how hard to choose!!
    i will be your California sister!!!
    a sweet tooth?..oh,me too!!!
    your love for your husband is very evident in the pride you show when you write about him and share pictures !!!

  18. Good Afternoon Miyako!

    Congratulatons on your award
    it is well deserved.

    You are a lovely kind lady who always has nice words for everyone.

    Well done to you my friend.

    x Fiona

  19. I have just come accross to your blog via 'Ellies Place' and have decided to follow. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts and look forward to reading more in the future. I hope you might come and visit at my site sometime as well.
    Congratulations on your award.