Friday, July 6, 2012

Green Day (my little garden)

So sorry for my dear friends who knew some pictures from my old post.  Anyway, let me link this post to Green Day hosted by Raindrops and Daisies. 
In early May, we annually ask our gardener ’who used to be my late brother's friend’ to prune our garden and we are lucky to be able to ask him the job.  He is a skilled retired person and accepting jobs personally. We used to have one more bigger pine tree but it died because of the weevil damage. We were really sad about it, especially it was from my late uncle who also was a gardener.

Yesterday, my hubby trimmed some trees which he can do (lower trees like azalea).  I hope it won't be a bit late doing it now.

Thank you for stopping by, Love you always ♪


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous of your beautiful garden! I live in a flat.

  2. You are husband's doing very well.
    for all over the garden..
    I love you!!

  3. What a lovely, lovely garden you have, my dear friend! I can tell how much love and effort you all put into it. Your neighbors must be very happy, too, to have such a thing of beauty near them.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend Miyako!

  4. I love this pine tree, it's very Japanese, I think this type turns up in clothes patterns and pictures? It's really lovely

  5. Ein sehr schöner Garten, gefällt mir gut...

    Lieben Gruß ins ferne Japan

  6. Orchid, your photos are wonderful
    as is your garden!

    Your husband did a great job
    can you send him over to me
    there is lots of work to be done!!!

    I love the top photo it is so so pretty.

    Thank you for linking up with Green Day.

    Have a lovely weekend my friend.

    Still raining in Ireland......


  7. Such a beautiful garden. I can picture you and hubby sitting there having tea together. It looks so peaceful.
    Love and hugs to you......

  8. Dearest Miyako,

    Just LOVE Japanese style gardens. The nicest we have close by is the one in Atlanta, the capital city of our state. There used to be Hotel Nikko, Japanese hotel and they created a traditional style Japanese garden. When we stay there we always walk it, depending of course on the season, it looks fabulous. We took Pieter's Goddaughter there with her significant other as he is designing gardens for other people. But since it has changed hands from Nikko to Grand Hyatt, the garden is not better...
    Love to you from Georgia,


  9. Miyako you have a beautiful garden. I am jealous. My garden needs so much work and after seeing how lovely yours is I'm feeling that even if I were to spend hours every week it would neve be as lovely as yours. Your hubby did a great job of pruning. I hope you're having good weather so you can enjoy being in your garden. Have a wonderful weekend. Love always from your bs.

  10. You have a beautiful yard, Miyako. My trees and shrubs all need to be trimmed. Waiting on my gardener. It is not easy for me living on my own with a house, even though it is a very small house. xo

  11. Hi Miyako san. Your garden is very beautiful. I love pine trees and when I was small I collected some pine cones.
    I don't see pine trees around where I live though :-(

    Have a great weekend, Miyako san. I guess there may be many sasanoha displays for Tanabata in Japan this weekend :-)

  12. This reminds me of the beautiful gardens in Japan that I was lucky to visit. Your garden is very lovely. How nice to have someone who can professionally trim your trees and plants. I know it is a highly special skill.

  13. Oh your garden looks beautiful and very neat. Your husband has made a lovely job of it.

  14. Hello Miyako,

    Has been a long time I hadn't drop you by for my moving house.
    It 's very nice garden you have, typically Japanese style Garden.

  15. Miyako san,
    such a lovely garden you have!!
    I'll bet you spend a lot of time there when the weather is looks like a wonderful place to sit and relax!!!
    have a wonderful weekend!!

  16. You have a truly beautiful garden....

  17. Dear Miyako, so many lovely comments today, and I'm right at the end :( Hee Hee! I agree with the others, you have such a pretty garden, with all the different sorts of trees. It's good that you have your late brother's friend to help out with the taller trees! I don't like heights, so I wouldn't be any good up that ladder. Hope you have a lovely weekend my sweet friend, and thank you for sharing these lovely photos with us today x

  18. Miyako your garden sure is nice. Lot's of green. Thanks for stopping over to my blog and leaving a comment.

  19. beautiful pine and garden area! very nice!

  20. Your garden is stunning! I love the digital pages you are creating as well. Bravo!

  21. You have a beautiful garden. What I like the most here is the slanted tree; it looks very strong and sturdy. And you have a good collection of green plants. Maybe you can add the Japanese sacred bamboo to your collection. Read somewhere it doesn’t require much maintenance.