Friday, June 1, 2012

Variety of Noodles in Japan (part 1)

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*pictures from PC-sites*
You know my husband makes soba at home as a hobby. It is quite rare having it as a hobby, most people get surprised and say why he learned it unless he is not opening the restaurant; (if you are interested in reading about what it is like, please visit "Soba noodle" page from the side-bar. I will skip writing about it); I would like to show you variety of other noodles you can find in Japan.  
I don't know how much people in other country know about them, and I'd like to start with 2 kinds of popular ones today and make this a series of a couple of posts. You may surprise to know we enjoy so may kinds of noodles.  Not necessarily so, but noodles are eaten mainly at lunch time. 

Udon noodle……… "soy sauce based soup"  We have variety types of topping for this one. And Udon noodle is white as wheat's hull are all removed when milling.  On the other hand, buckwheat noodle is a bit blackish as its hull are not completely milled. 

This one is cold version especially for summer called "zaru-udon"

Ramen………"chicken or pork soup base"  This "chukamen noodle 中華麺" is kind of processed with adding egg and so on, so Ramen used with this type of noodle looks a bit yellowish. There are so many Ramen restaurants with variety of soup tastes which the owners sometimes keep its recipes strictly confidential.

This is chukamen.

As you may see from the pictures that Ramen is a bit greasy compared to Udon.
Oh, I wish to serve them to all my blogger friends,  To be continued;
I wonder if there are noodle type dishes in western county...


  1. My mouth watered as I read your post, my dear friend Miyako. It all looks delicious! I would love to sit at a table with you sometime and share noodles. I always learn so much from your excellent teaching! Thank you for always sharing such wonderful things with us! Hugs and love to you~

  2. Noodles are a favorite with my family. When my children were teenagers they would eat Ramen every day if they could.
    The photos on this post are making me so hungry that I can't think what I am writing. I would love to try some of these dishes. As always your post has been informative and entertaining. Have a lovely weekend my sweet bs. Love you always. Hugs

  3. Oh yes, Miyako, there are many noodle dishes, especial in soups like chicken noodle. Mostly noodles always contain eggs and flour. I used to eat lunch (when I was working in Manhattan) at a Japanese noodle shop. It was delicious. Have a good week end. xo

  4. That's true, soba making is not a very common hobby, but I think it's a great hobby and very special!
    I love Udon and Ramen both. Your photos make me drool here! I really wish to come over and have them :-)

  5. Oh Gosh you're making me hungry.
    We eat noodles a lot here and call most of them Pasta. Hot or cold with different sauces everyone seems to like it.
    My favorite is simple,cooked noodles with some Olive oil,freah Basil and grated Parmesan cheese.
    Hugs and Love

  6. This was interesting, I like noodle but not as much as I like rice I am a big rice person but I am married to a man who doesn't like either so we don't have either very often. I don't know if we have the same type of noodle dishes here in Australia maybe at some of the Asian restraunts which I don't get a chance to visit since hubby is not into eating out

  7. Ramen noodles are very good. I love the look of your soups, Miyako. I'd love to have a bowl while we sit and talk. Love and hugs.

  8. My mouth waters just looking at all the food Orchid! I always wanted to taste what Ramen was like, so I learnt to cook a Miso Ramen. Obviously, the recipe wasn't so secret! I wonder what soba noodles tastes like now... Anyway, have a wonderful day Orchid!

  9. Hi Orchid
    Thank you for becoming my blog follower.
    I like udon so much, in winter Nabeyaki Udon and in summer Buttukake especially. For Ramen,When I want to eat something salty I prefer.
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  10. Oh sweet Miyako, how delightful it would be if all of us bloggy friends could sit with you and eat your very tasty looking Noodles! I'm sure that there would be plenty of conversation and laughter :) I learn so much from your Blog my friend, and I'm so glad tthat we found each other. I'm pleased to say that I'm feeling a little perkier today :) Take care. Sending love & hugs your way.

  11. Oh Orchid

    All this wonderful food has me hungry now.

    It looks delicious.

    Loved reading this post.

    Have a happy weekend my friend.

    x Fiona

  12. Dearest Miyako,

    Oh dear, pasta (mainly Italian influence) and noodles (Asian) are VERY popular in the USA. Also in my birth country, The Netherlands.
    Let me give you some reading: Noodles: How Pasta Came From China to America
    Scroll down to: Outside the Continental 48 -
    As for me personally I look for the healthy 'non-white' varieties where the hull is still partly present.
    Wishing you a very happy weekend.


  13. Miyako san.
    It was just on cloudy showers with hail and isolated thunder weather
    I love for eating your soba noodle is your hubby thinking too.
    I think is not too much to eating all the time in myself that is not too fact.
    Milling is a best zaku-udon at night time and Ramen in eggs.
    I think for watasi tachi ne yoku aimasu ne.
    Michik desu.

  14. Sweet Miyako, you have made me so hungry! I love noodles of all kinds and in any dish. Both of these varieties are delicious and I wish I could taste some of your wonderful cooking. Have a lovely week, my beautiful friend. Hugs and kisses to you, Mina

  15. I remember eating soup with buckwheat udon noodles in it in Japan. It was SO delicious - nothing has ever come close. we don't really eat a lot of noodles - sometimes I make laksa soup with some noodles in it. My hubby makes macaroni cheese for the grandkids - they love it! very unhealthy! I tried putting some vegetables in it and they picked every piece out!

  16. Mina san!
    Gomenkudasai ne watasiwa kaitano
    wasurete imashi.
    Anatano oishi owudonga totemo oishi desu.
    watasi no owudon wa itumo daisukidesu.
    Anatamo hontoni gangatute kudasai ne
    mata otegamio kaki masu.

  17. Miyako san,
    Kown-banwa, Watasimo hontoni eiyani narimasu. kodomo-taci-to Fiji Island ne-
    iku-tumori deshita noga dame-ni narima-shita. Nagaku wata-shino The speciailst clinic (no-kotoga houn-toni osoku narimasu. watashino ha-mo mada naorimasen.
    I was so happy for not myself..
    it was too raining for every days..
    I hope you having a happy time with your husband.

  18. i love any kind of noodle!!!!
    now,I am so hungry!!!

  19. oh my goodness, this is really making me hungry!!