Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Young Guest from England and attending gatherings

*We had a first foreigner soba-guest;
On Saturday, we had a pretty young guest from Manchester, England. She is teaching English at an English school in my city with a year contract. She said that she is willing to see how Soba is made and try. Haha, guest lover hubby tried his best to show her how.  She looked to have had a nice time with us. Well, he could help at least one girl to experience one of our culture.

*She also tried to play saxophone;
We were surprised to see how gorgeous she looks with saxophone; the instruments truly is becoming to her; she almost looks like a professional♡♡♡ She said she used to play trumpet once before, we definitely recommend her saxophone as an instrument if she will play in the future.

*Attended two gatherings
To a Singing group
On Sunday, we attended a singinging group. He was asked to play one music during the intermission. He played one popular song, it may be called a love song titled "matakimini koi shiteru, 又君に恋してる";  haha, not a jazz music; it is sung by one of the famous woman singer. I will paste the You-tube page, especially for my Japanese friends living in foreign country as I think this one may sounds really lovely and romantic.

With father's outing to a local park
On Monday, I was with my father to the local park. We were lucky that it was not so hot and he could enjoy being out having a nice breeze for a change. I was surprised to see him being enjoyable feeding Koi (carps). For my father's turn for outing, a bit late for Azalea but there were roses still blooming there.
After this spring's hospitalization with aspiration pneumonia, he bcame a bit weak and not being able to walk around much. But it was a wonderful day to see his bright expression considering his dementia

So sorry for a long post...  And I really do feel bad about not being able to visit so many dear friends posts!!!  I truly was busy and forming this post took me a while (#^.^#)   The date has already been changed to the 5th. I promise I will start visiting you after I woke up. I hope you can be a bit lenient on me for a while.
I hope you started a wonderful new week, my friends*


  1. Miyako, I was so happy to see you out with your father. I am sure you were happy to spend time with him outside. I wish I could take a lesson with your husband on soba noodles. The sxaophone, I am not so sure! xo

  2. Looks like you really made your father very happy by taking him out to the park...Take care...

  3. I really enjoyed the video, by the way. Its a wonderful song...

  4. What a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing it with us. How wonderful your husband can play this music. Your father did indeed look happy and I was glad for you. It is a lovely park. It was kind of your husband to teach your guest how to make Soba. This is something she will always remember I am sure.

    Don't worry about not visiting. I've been very busy myself and get behind in my blog reading. Blessings to you, dear friend.

  5. Dear Miyako, How lovely to see your dear dad out and about in the park like that. I am so happy to see those photos, and the park looks very pretty. Please don't worry about being behind with blogging. Like Belle said, I think a lot of us have been absent for a little while for one reason or another. Life happens like that and, as we are now approaching summer, it is better for us to be doing other things, rather than sitting at the computer all the time!! Lovely that you had that English visitor with your hubby teaching her about soba making and, you're right, she certainly looks very professional with that clarinet! Take care dear friend from the East. Sending hugs your way.

  6. Dear Miyako, You have been very busy, indeed. What a lucky girl to get a personal lesson in making soba noodles. I enjoyed the video.

  7. Lovely photos.

    They are so special
    thanks so much for sharing Orchid.

    Fiona x

  8. Dear Miyako, these are some lovely photos and the post was most enjoyable. It seems your hubby is very talented in several ways. It was generous of him to offer to teach your guest from England in the art of making soba noodles. Was she actually playing the saxophone with him?
    I'm so happy that your father's health has improved so much and he was able to enjoy an outing with you. Thank you for putting together this lovely post to share with us. Have a wonderful week my bs. Love you always

  9. What a wonderful, busy time you've been having, my dear friend! I enjoyed all your pictures, but particularly the ones of your dad. It is good to see him having so much joy. You are such a beautiful daughter to him.

    I think we are all busy this time of year, and it's always so good to read your posts. Love and hugs to you, my friend!

  10. Hi Miyako san. How lovely to have soba-guest from England!! It must have been so much fun for her to learn Japanese culture through soba making. And she does look like a professional with saxophone :-)
    It is so wonderful that you had great time in the park with your father. The park looks beautiful. I love the photo of your father feeding koi :-)
    You've been busy but glad it's been enjoyable! I hope you have a great week ahead, Miyako san!!

  11. The two of you are so welcoming to your guests! What a wonderful thing you are doing helping to expose others to your culture. You are also sharing your culture with all of us.

    Hugs to you my friend!

  12. enjoyed so much sharing your guest's visit!
    but most..I enjoyed seeing the photos with your outing with your father..these are precious times..and he looks to be enjoying it so much. I do think that even when they suffer dementia,there are moments of awareness.
    thank you for sharing Miyako san!!!

  13. Dearest Miyako,

    You had quite a story to tell! Your husband must have enjoyed his special British guest for learning how to make soba noodles. That is very important to understand a foreign culture. You are very nice people for giving others the opportunity to observe this.
    And I'm so pleased to see your Father out in the park. That must have made his day and picked his spirit up a lot.Sure it makes you happy for him as well.
    Wah, and your husband being a local musician! Now, keep your head cool and don't walk past all of us with this much of attention suddenly.
    I'm kidding! You enjoy the lime-light and we will await your visits again.
    Hugs to you and oodles of love,

  14. Dear Miyako,
    It was great to see your dear Dad out in the park. And could tell by the photos that your husband enjoyed his special Guest for learning how to make soba noodles. I have learnt so much from your posts :-)
    Have a lovely day my friend!
    Big hugs

  15. Dear Miyako sama,
    I was very happy for your both with lovely husband all the time for ever.
    It always you made with nice good food that make both of your life too.
    Thinking about all the time.
    Love you both.

  16. No need to say sorry my dear friend nothing wrong with the lenght of this post, it is good you dad likes to get outside and feel a breeze against his skin, my nan no longer likes the feel of a breeze against her skin she will complain she is cold no matter how hot it is if there is a breeze she doesn't like it......

  17. Oh my goodness Miyako, I love the song and she sings beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. Nice to see you and your dad out getting fresh air and the flowers look lovely. Memories you will have forever. Also how wonderful to have the guest from England, she does look pretty with the saxophone. Thank you so much for visiting and do not worry if you cannot visit often, we understand. Hugs...Lu

  18. My beautiful Miyako, your guest from England is so lucky to have been honored in your home to learn soba and to play music with you and your husband. What a lucky girl!

    That video is so beautiful. I love her sweet voice. It is wonderful to see your father out enjoying himself in nature. You are a precious and dedicated daughter. The roses are so gorgeous.

    You visit when you can and do not worry about that. All my love, Mina

  19. Your English visitor looks like she really had a good visit.
    And it is so nice to see that your father had a really good day out.

  20. The guest is luky to have a nice experience.
    I like that song,too. Incidentally I also attended the music meeting yesterday. We sang "you raise me up" of celtic moman.
    Your walk with your father warm me.You are a tender daughter.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  21. So happy to hear that your father had an enjoyable day with you...1the roses are really very pretty

  22. Oh and the singing is just beautiful...