Monday, June 11, 2012

Flower Arrangement Exhibition and Lovely Guests

*Ikebana  (posted; Japanese culture page)
My husband's ex-colleague asked us to visit and see her work at the flower arrangement (生け花、ikebana)exhibition on Sunday.  Oh, my poor pictures are NOT doing the justice for these wonderful works! They are just some of the works and I just wish I could be a better photographer to be able to convey the beauty and dynamics to these wonderful works.  (I'd appreciate it if you enlarge the pictures)
   There are several schools of ikebana and each of them have different styles.

I admire the way she arranged the big branch side way like this. 

*Lovely Guests
We had guests of two mothers and their children on Saturday. They enjoyed Soba and playing with us all.  Haha, you may know by now, hubby is a guests lover(*^_^*)

I loved the way they're looking into pc and dancing to the favorite music

"What's this Mum?"

don't you be a tricky boy (haha, which one?)

just playing the sleeping time game with the floor cushions

We also had guests (hubby's ex-colleague, as well) after came home from the exhibition hearing the wonderful news of their engagement. We both had an eventful weekend which was a bit busy one, haha.
I hope your weekend is (or was) a lovely one and going to have a wonderful new week, my friends.


  1. The flower arrangements are stunningly beautiful, my dear friend Miyako! I think if I went in there I would have to spend many hours, just looking and appreciating.

    It looks like your guests had so much fun with their lovely host and hostess! I can see why people enjoy their visits with you so much.

    I hope your new week is wonderful!

  2. Beautiful flower arrangements! Sounds like you had a lovely time with your guests.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Dear Miyako san,
    I think the photographer are convey the beauty wonderful works.
    It was lovely to wish your hubby's and other children.
    I love to looking of you and with your hubby's are wonderful time both of yours.

    I was so impressed you enlarge the pictures of the floor from the after 9 and 10 in the pictures and I love very much after that I would time with the make floor are beautiful mins.
    Love you...

  4. Dearest Miyako,

    What a perfect time you have spent together with favorite people. Yes, it shines in those photos that your husband loves his guests!
    As for the former colleague of your husband's Ikebana work, that is so beautiful.
    The late mother (means she passed away) of a dear friend in our town, went to Japan to study the Ikebana and attended several shows here in the USA. She would have loved this post as well.
    Congrats to the couples engagement!
    Little children are so cute and they certainly will soak up a lot of new knowledge, while being playful.
    Have a great week ahead and thanks for visiting and commenting as usual. That means a lot!
    Love from your friend in the west.

  5. The flower arrangements are beautiful and your photography talent is awesome! Enjoyed my visit to your blog this Monday morning in Arkansas USA...the little ones are so cute ...Pray your week is everything beautiful.

  6. Oh, my! The Ikebana are beautiful. Your friend is very talented. Love your new blog banner, too. Have a good day, Miyako!

  7. Very beautiful flower arrangement - that is a true art to be able to do that!!!
    Your visitors looks as if they really enjoyed their visit to you. :)

  8. Wow the flower arrangements are beautiful!! I love all the cheerful colors and I admire the way she arranged big branch, too!
    And what cute guests you had :-) You made me giggle with the comment "which one?" for tricky boy :-) Sounds like you had very busy weekend but what a fun! I hope you have a great week ahead!

  9. A lovely post dear Orchid.

    I think the floral arrangements are wonderful.
    I would love to be able to do that.
    I keep promising myself that I will do a course in floral art.

    I am sure your guests were delighted to be with you.

    Have a good week


  10. Miyako san,
    your photos are beautiful..they show these gorgeous arrangements perfectly!!!
    Your friend is very talented..there is much to know to do these so beautifully. it is quite an art form!!
    looks like your home was filled with fun..the children are sooooo cute!!!
    xoxo from southern California!!!!

  11. I LOVE your post! The floqwer arrangements are beautiful and so are your photo's.
    You are so blessed to have many visitors,friends and that happy hubby.
    I always love what you post and enjoy learning new things from another country.
    Love and hugs my friend.......

  12. Oh they are all so beautiful and I love the vases. Some of the ones with the iris are my favourite.

  13. The photos of the flower arrangements are just awesome and lovely.....but your hubby loved haveing guests at your home....

  14. My sweet Miyako, what a fun post so full of sharing and friendship. The flower arrangements are stunning. I am so impressed with this young woman's beautiful work. Your pictures are superb!

    It is so sweet that you and your beloved hubby always open your home to so many guests. Everyone is having a wonderful time and those little ones are too precious! How cute!

    I hope you week is a lovely as your weekend was. Hugs to you always, Mina

  15. Miyako,

    All the photo's of the ikabana are perfect. She is indeed a talented artist. I have always loved ikabana.

    The kids are so cute....I am still wondering if you can find a friend for my daughter who is studying Japanese language ( 15 year old). So that she can communicate with her and ask any questions if she needed more help.

    Thanks and lots of love,


  16. I love the umbrellas. Are they mostly hand-painted. The details are stunning. They are so much a part of the Japanese culture.

    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Love always,


  17. Beautiful ikebana and I especially like the ones with hydrangeas! She's very talented. That looks like a very fun time with your guests, Miyako...:D