Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day and my memory

I started blogging last Feb. and in May I first learned about the memorial day from friends' blogs. Now I knew how much the day means for American people; as is the day when summer starts.  Some of my old friends might think you have read this last year but would you let me tell you a bit again.

I'd like to express sincere prayer to all the war victims in the world.
"Gone With The Wind" was the very first movie I've seen at the theater when I was a Junior high school girl. This movie gave me the deepest impact on my mind; both the strong character of the heroin and the devastation war can cause as well as the historic background of north and south. The cute black maid was really lovely one humorous character who brightened the movie. 
My father who fought World WarⅡcame back suffering from malaria never mentioned about his traumatic memories, except one moment;
I clearly remember the words he uttered blankly or rather his tone of voice etched into my memory .
When TV movie show put the movie on the air later, movie lover father and daughter were watching it together. Seeing me watching it so intensely, he murmured, "War leaves a permanent scar on our mind.....". His sad looking expression still is unforgettable for me. The movie left striking image to me at the time knowing the war brings hardship not only for men but also for women; especially from the scene which the heroin promising to live strongly in the vast field with carrot in one hand.
Watching these movies and dramas were one of my favorite sweet memories with him. His favorite was war story called "Combat". This made me feel a bit bizarre even today, thinking he was a living witness of tragedy. Well, he had no reaction when I let him hear the sound of the impressive voice saying "staring Vic Morrow" at the beginning  through smart-phone using You-tube.
I hope friends in America have a wonderful holiday and friends in other parts will have a marvelous new week.

PS> I'm not sure yet, but I may be away from PC for several days (only with smart-phone).  So frogive me not being able to visit you, my friends.


  1. Dear Miyako, I loved this post because we share something in common...we both have memories of watching these movies with our fathers! I treasure that time with him and the discussions we had about war and how difficult it was for so many. Thank you so much for sharing your memory. Take care, with love,

  2. G'morn Miyako ~
    Yes, war does leave an imprint forever on ones mind. Tragic events to endure.

    Please join me in praying for all our troops that serve & those that have gone before us ...
    Have a beautiful holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~

  3. i too remember watching these shows with my dad. one of television shows i remember watching was hogan's heroes - a more humorous look at WWII.

    that was a great post and thank you for your well-wishes. may you also have a wonderful week ahead.

  4. Good morning Miyako, I remember your heartfelt post from last year. I also count Gone with the Wind as one of my favorite movies, and it also had a huge impact on me when I first saw it. I have seen it countless times, I still feel the same way each time. Keeping all those who have fought for our rights and freedom in our prayers always. xo

  5. This post moved me greatly, my dear friend Miyako. I can just imagine what beautiful times you had with your dad, watching those movies, and then for him to open up to you like that is precious.

    I feel for men like your dad who've had to suffer so much because of war. I hate war and wish we could all live in peace.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, dear friend!

  6. Dearest Miyako,

    This is a very special weekend as it is the Christian Pentecost which is observed for 2 days in Europe but not in the USA. Here we have tomorrow Memorial Day instead. That is always a day with bittersweet memories. Let us hope that the young(er) generations do pay attention to history and learn to appreciate the sacrifices of the elder generation. When life is easy, it seems to be forgotten so easily.
    Oh, I too love those historic movies like Gone with the Wind as it is about some reality. Of course, heavily romanticized for the movie but that's alright.
    Love to you and stay safe.

  7. My father was also a veteran and he never talked of it. He was in Vietnam and I remember one time a friend of mine asked him about it and he had to leave the room because I think he was starting to cry. I felt so bad and will never forget the expression on his face. I know the memories weighed on him greatly. I also enjoyed watching movies with my father when I was young and this brought back those fond memories for me. Thank you for that.

    Your blog is beautiful. I hope you have a blessed Memorial Day. :)

  8. my father spoke little of his time in the Pacific during WWII..he was a naval officer....
    my husband was in Viet Nam.....
    war does terrible things to all...
    Gone With The Wind has long been my all time favorite movie..I have seen it over 30 times!..the first was with my Mother at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood!!
    i have missed visiting with you my friend!!! I am feeling better and I thank you soooooooooo much for staying in contact!

  9. What a great post the thing I know about war is that everyone suffers and not just the soldiers who serve but their familys as well. I think all countries have some form of remembering those who died for thier pop never talked about his expereinces in the second world war although he was left suffering from what we now call Post Tramatic Stess but back then it was just called Battle Fatigue or Shell Shocked and little was done to help those who suffered........

  10. I was so moved by your story of you and your father. War is hard on those who are fighting it and for the families at home waiting for them. My husband would never talk about his two tours of duty in Viet Nam but his experiences there changed him.
    I believe anyone whose ever seen "Gone With the Wind" was moved by it and will agree that it's a classic for good reason.
    Have a wonderful week and be happy my dear bs. Love always

  11. Dear Miyako san,
    I think about your father is remember the word that is more men in Japan.
    Because I remember my father was very much the memory for all the time and so much I never enjoy with him.
    After that I have marry for very happy with my husband in Australia for after with my two boys and four children friends.

  12. Hi Miyako san, what a moving story. What your father said is so true. I myself never experienced such hardship like Scarlett went through but I deeply hope there will be no war. Nothing good comes from it. Even if you win the war, if you lose someone, I think it means you lost the war. And it leaves scars which can not be healed in our heart.
    I've never seen Combat. I might look up :-)

  13. Sweet Miyako, your heart is as large as the universe. I am so proud to call you friend. Hugs and kisses, Mina

  14. War had a terrible impact on those who fight. I feel so sorry they had to go through it. I also remember Gone With the Wind. I read the book first, when I was a little girl and then saw the movie. I admired Scarlett's courage and spunk. Combat was a favorite TV show of mine. I think I was a teenager when it was on. Vic Morrow was a good actor too. It was nice of you to put it on the phone. God bless you and your family, Miyako.