Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pink Saturday, Wish to have a pinkish mood...

The other day, I seemed to have a temporary amnesia or an early stage of ......
When I went grocery shopping, I came home one thing without bringing it back home which I had already paid  and the other thing inevitable for me without buying it, whew(^^;)

*Flower for family altar
I hate to see without flowers for our family altar. My husband's father died a couple years later after he came back from world warwhen he was five years old. And his mother also died in the middle of her 50's after she brought up two boys by herself.  The flower shop is outside of the big one-building shopping mall. I always go there first and take the flower after I finished shopping.  Hehe, I called hubby who was waiting for me finish shopping at home, and then forgot stopping by...

*Milk for me
When I was a third grader of elementary school, skimmed milk for the school lunch changed into bottled milk. I remember it gave me quite an impression with the better taste and I came to like it, p;)  We never knew how richly we were benefited from them.  Anyway, I have a glass of milk for every meals. My late mother used to say that why my craving for milk wouldn't help me increase my height when I was little. In Japan, there will be few who have milk with meals except breakfast. So people who eat at my house tell me "you are cute" when they see me having it with dishes.

My husband had to make two round trips. Although he seemed surprised and looked worried about me, I appreciated my sweet understanding husband not getting cranky at me. I hope my writing the blog will work as an advantage for my brain.  
I think I will keep my chin up and have a pinkish mood. 
          Have a marvelous pinkish weekend everyone♡♡♡  

Vintage lady with pink rose /422

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  1. Pink is one of my favorite colors, and so I do enjoy your pink mood, my dear friend! I used to love milk when I was young, but hardly drink it now. I think I may have a glass in the morning now. Your post has made me want it again! Have a wonderful day~ hugs!

  2. Good morning Orchid
    from a wet and windy Ireland!

    I often have temporary amnesia too, think it is me getting old.

    Love a glass of milk with my dinner and we use a lot of it in this house. The milman comes 3 times a week.

    Your blog looks great
    so so pretty.

    Have a happy pink Saturday and a wonderful weekend.


  3. Happy Pink Saturday my friend. By the way my new blog is this one instead of Eva Ason's ArtCorner. I had to create a complete new one :(
    Have a lovely Day!


  4. I think we all have temporary amnesia at one time or another. I have it often but try not to worry about it. My MIL used to say it was because we all have too much on our minds. Your blog has the look of a lovely card or present. It's so pretty that it gives me a happy feeling and makes me smile. Have a wonderful weekend my bs. Love always, Maddy

  5. your blog is so bright and cheery! i love stopping by to see what pictures you have found to post. love the pink frame of mind! it's one of my most favorite colors.

    i agree with the brain drain... we have too much to remember and sometimes something just seeps out.

    have a good weekend.

  6. Oh I frequently suffer from a temporary amnesia - I think it just means you have too much on your mind.
    Hope you have a great day too.

  7. Hahaha... you are definitely not alone. I often have temporary amnesia, too. I went to the store to get cold medicine and I came out of the store with many things except for cold medicine. I had to make another trip to the store!
    It's wonderful of you to keep fresh flower for your family altar :-) Have a lovely weekend, Miyako san!

  8. Dearest Orchid,

    You are NOT the only one like that... We ALL forget things. I forgot a few things when we went on a cruise. If we go shopping I need a list, otherwise I forget. Especially when making a trip to the capital city, that is two-and-a-half hour drive one way. But never mind, life goes on even if our list is not complete at times.
    You do drink milk a lot with all your meals. I do with two of my meals. In the morning milk, it is a good liner for the stomach for taking the medication and vitamins. For lunch I drink soy milk, unsweetened and plain. For the rest I drink plain water.
    Have a great Sunday and hope you were able to have the altar with flowers. And if you are talking about two round trips, I bet the distance is never far. Here in the USA distances are even far for local shopping. Under an hour of time, including driving by car, you cannot complete any shopping!
    Love to you,

  9. I also suffer from forgetfulnes at times it is part of life yes I prefer to say life instead of ageing as I do not like to think of myself as

    I remember when I was at school getting milk in a little bottle at recess I loved it and I still love milk only skimmed milk for me full cream milk is to rich for me I will have a couple of mugs of hot chocolate during the winter months each summer I like cold glass of milo........which is chocolate milk........

  10. Somehow,I found that the comment from
    "Faith Hope Cherrytea" has disappeared.
    I will paste copy from windows mail. So sorry FHC!

    FHC's adress

    HaPpY PS !
    Pink Joys at FHC ~

  11. I'm old enough to call my temporary amnesia a "senior moment". We all have them no matter what our age. Have a blessed day my friend!

  12. Oh my goodness, I am always forgetful. I think we get so much on our minds that they just fill up and overload. ;-) It's okay, it just makes us that much more mysterious. lol

    Your pink Saturday images are beautiful. I love pink and I adore you. Have a beautiful week, Mina

  13. Hi Miyako, I have had shopping trips like this, too! Funny, but I do not like milk! Only in my coffee. Have a beautiful week. xo