Wednesday, March 28, 2012

safe ?

I had really scary experience...
I removed or canceled the membership from two sites. It seemed that my account of one of them was taken over from someone. I got some mails to notify me about the humiliation I had.  Although I haven't had a chance to know what it was, I got SO scared with the network sites. I have seen some strange acronyms, which I had no idea until I checked with the dictionary, to laugh at me in the direct mails. I feel changing password won't be safe enough. As I haven't been involved with two sites for long time, I don't care much about it.
Do you think blogger is safe?  I TRULY don't want to be away from the beautiful friendship I have here. I sometimes have spam mails...
Just feeling so sad...

*Update about my trouble*
Thank you for all of your thoughtful comments and advices. I really am grateful for all the support from my friends!  I told one of my students, who really have interests in PC, about my trouble; then he started to concerned and gave me a big help!!!  At least taken-over problem must have been solved now. I cannot be thankful more for him with his amazing knowledge. As the site had continued to be reopened a couple of times after deleting, I was at a loss.  I should have been more careful.
Thank you very much again, my friends.    Miyako*


  1. Miyako.......That is scary I have had my hotmail account hacked a number of times and so has my sister. It isn't nice but do I think blogger is safe..........YES I DO....

    Nothing is 100% safe but blogger is for the most part safe, I have had problems from time to time with some stupid nasty commnets but I do not let such people keep me from doing something I love and enjoy......

  2. I think Blogger is safe, but I don't trust 123greetings, I get lots of strange spam from them which I just delete. We have to be careful. Do you have anti spam and anti virus protection on your computer? xo

  3. My dear friend, I am so sorry you have had to go through this. I think it happens to most of us at one time or another through various sites. I myself haven't had any problems with Blogger. I hope you get it all worked out- we need you here!

  4. I don't think anything is 100% safe but I think Blogger is pretty safe. I have had things happen to me on sites too and it is not nice. Make sure you have anti virus protection on you're computer which will let you know which sites are safe and will let you know if you are entering an unsafe site.

    Hugs to you my friend X

  5. Dearest Miyako,

    Well, I too got those nasty spam messages from Twitter. All I needed to do was change my password to a stronger one and I deleted those nasty messages. They're from a fake address and once you or anyone opens them, they got you too.
    Facebook I only use on the safe mode: https, like you do the internet banking. I NEVER take part in any of those stupid games or birthday card things etc. Than you give a third party admission to your account. Stupid! So being cautious, yes we can be safe. Oh, and never put your complete birthday on anything... that way it's easier for others to commit identity crimes.
    Blogger is okay so far. The spamming is minimal and there will always be such 'robotic' messages but we can delete them easily. No big effort.
    Yes, the above mention of the antivirus security is so valuable. Opening up unsafe sites can threaten your PC.
    In the years I do blog I have been most astonished at how many people announce their upcoming vacations and trips. SCARY and they certainly do set the door wide open to any problems...
    Love to you and hope you don't worry anymore!

  6. Oh dear so sorry,guess we have all had something like that happen!
    I do feel blogger is pretty safe and I rarely have spam Change your password from time to time seems to help.
    Lov & Hugs

  7. I think Blogger is safe. How distressing to be getting those awful messages! One of your other readers has a good tip, and that is to use the "https://" because it is more secure (such as when you are using Facebook). I do hope you have no more problems! Oh, and your post for the bamboo shoots look delicious! Mmmmm.

  8. I think blogger is safe. Can imagine that it was very distressful getting those messages. My email account was hacked a year ago, so I had to close all of my start from's not a nice feeling at all.
    Enjoy your evening my friend!
    Hugs x

  9. Oh my dear friend, I am so sorry that you have had all this worry. It must have been awful for you. I do think that Blogger itself is safe, but we just have to be so careful all the time, don't we? Please don't leave us! Hugs xx

  10. that does give you a nasty feeling, sorry that happened to you. Just be aware and keep up the anti virus. don't go away from blogger- we would miss you!

  11. What a lousy thing to happen to you, blogger so far so good. Best is to just ignore them!

  12. Hello.. :)
    That's a sad, scary experience. I've never really faced it so far, and I hope I never have to..
    I like to think that blogger is safe, as are most of the other sites I use regularly. Keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping you get out of this mess real soon. :)
    PS: I'm new to your blog, but can I just say you have one of the prettiest blogs I have seen recently? :) I absolutely love your header! :D

  13. Hi Miyako san. I'm so sorry you had such experience. It is very scary. I'm glad you got help from your student. I sometimes get robot e-mails to my blog. Usually they go to spam folder, though. I have to be careful, too. I will start changing password.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!