Saturday, March 31, 2012

My New Etymology Page

(posted; Etymology page)
I renewed background and header of my Etymology page by using the design from Sharon at Plumrose Lane. Its theme is "Mother's Treasures". She is really talented and I knew her creations through my dear friend Mina at Green Witch with Sprinkles at first when I started my blogging. I wished to use her design at that time, but with my poor knowledge I couldn't use it then. So, I regrettably asked professional to put the illustrations I found together as a background then. A bit over one year later, finally my dream has come true♡♡♡ I wish you take a look at the page from the side-bar link.
My late mother used to praise me my teaching and learning English. I love the theme. And I am always thankful for the "joy and love" I can get from learning English. And English in the design will keep giving me the motivation as well.
Although I haven't posted much, the page means a lot to me♡♡♡
Thank you so much Ms.Sharon! 
PS> Just in case, I added the "Update about my trouble" for my PC in the former post.  Thank you very much. 


  1. It is truly a lovely header on the Etymology page, my sweet friend! I enjoed it very much. You always keep your blog so up to date with nice changes.

    I also think you are quite intelligent and an excellent student AND teacher. We always learn wonderful things from your posts.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako!

  2. Sharon designed my blog for me.
    She is a lovely person as well a very crative one.
    I love your page.
    Lov & Hugs

  3. It's beautiful dear friend Miyako. Your blog always looks so pretty and feminine. I love it!

  4. As always just beautiful just beautiful

  5. Dear Miyako, your Etymology page is lovely as is all of your blog. I'm sure you were an excellent student because you are a wonderful teacher. I've learned so much since I've known you and your posts are always interesting and informative. Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend. Love always, Maddy

  6. Dearest Miyako,

    Your Etymology page shows as a test-orchid blog page with the roses on both sides. Do you mean with the alphabets used in the background, the faint printing of words?
    You always put so much thought into your writing and you for sure have risen to quite some level. Your mother achieved a lot with her praises and motivation. You might have been a 'late bloomer' but your statement of not being an intelligent student is way off!
    Love to you,


  7. Your Etymology page looks gorgeous, Miyako. The header is absolutely beautiful and I love the tiny alphabets in the background.

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

    Hugs and Love

  8. To Mariette,
    I appreciate you letting me know about the URL. I should have noticed it. I cannot figure out about "the roses on both sides".
    I definitely didn't mean what you said for the alphabets in the design.
    Thank you very much, Miyako*

  9. Dear Friends,
    Thank you very much for taking time to visit my new page and left comment here.
    I really appreciate it and I feel like I got new motivation from you as well as my late mother♪♪♪
     Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

  10. Hi Miyako san, your Etymology page looks beautiful! It's wonderful that your dream came true after one year :-)

  11. Your blog is so pretty, and I really admire you blogging in another language. I just read a book called the language of flowers about flowers and what they mean.

  12. Hello Miyako, You have a beautiful Etymology page. I love birds and these are so sweet, good colors too nice and soft. Thank you for visiting dear friend. Hugs...Lu