Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cooked Bamboo shoot ♪

(posted Japanese meal page)
Husband's favorite dish,  "Cooked Bamboo Shoot"
Tasty and seasonal gift form our next door neighbor. Young wife of the family has parents who are semi-agricultural and lives mountain side. I am not sure if you have a custom eating them in the western culture. I was a bit surprised because they were given earlier than the usual year. Its season starts from April and we can enjoy them until May. Boars love them as well and sometimes fresh shoots are sadly eaten by them. My late brother really loved the food and whenever I called him that I cooked them; he gladly rushed to pick them. 
We cannot see them in the stores yet and getting a bit expensive, we were blessed with the early precious gift. 

As they were the early harvest, they were smaller than they look.
I was surprised that hubby did the stripping job, haha 

Parboil them with a bit of rice bran to remove dirt

Simmer them about 10 minutes with soup stock soup, cooking liquor, sugar, soybean source
And the blackish square thing is "dried kelp", which use them for Japanese dish to help them more tasty 

Freshly dug ones are really soft and yummy, (for us hehe)

We sure could enjoy the taste of the season yesterday. And we have a saying that "Life is prolonged for 75 days when I eat a firstling" 
With my age, 75 days are really precious, p;)


  1. I would love to taste these. Especially since it can prolong life! I wonder if it tastes like hearts of palm? xo

  2. i've never had them. they look like sliced potatoes,sort of. they look very good!!i bet i'd like them!!

  3. Dearest Miyako,
    What a joy to see them FRESH! I always use them in my stir fry Indonesian dishes but I have to buy them canned here. Bamboo shoots. They have one of the highest fiber content of ANY vegetable; so healthy! Fiber helps keep cholesterol levels
    in check and plays a role in preventing colon cancer.
    What did you mean with the 'boards' that eat them too?
    Bamboo is also being grown in the Pacific Northwest but I cannot buy it at the Chinese markets as that is too far away from the east coast.
    Glad you shared this and also glad you like/love it as much as I do.
    Love to you dear friend!

    Oh, almost forgot... I had a meal with the 16-year old male student that is in Dublin for the cultural sister-city exchange. He is staying with our best friends and we all got together at another dear friends' home.

  4. I have seen them a time or two offered in a restaurant, but never had them. I know if I had some cooked by you, my friend, they would be delicious! I love how you always give us such good explanations and information. Thank you!

  5. Miyako, I never eaten them or even heard of them. They look delicious and easy to prepare, enjoy. Hugs...Lu

  6. I like them very much, but have only eaten them canned. Yours looks wonderful and tasty! Thank you for showing us how they look fresh and how to cook them! Love and hugs!

  7. I have not had these but they do look tasty. Almopst look like our turnips or a potato type of food.
    And who couldn't use another 75 days. You have such a good sence of humor.
    Lov & Hugs

  8. Dear Miyako,
    Thank you for sharing how you prepare Bamboo shoots. I have only eaten canned ones and have never seen them before they were cut up. Now that I have discovered they're being grown in the Pacific Northwest I will look for them. I'm much older than you so I really can use those 75 days. Have a wonderful week my dear friend. Hugs

  9. Oh they look so yummy - I have never seen them fresh, but buy them canned to use in stir fries. I love to see what people are doing in other countries - thanks for sharing your world with us!