Sunday, March 25, 2012

quick post for sorry!

I was sorting out of my link pages from home page.  And I must have made my friends get confused with many posts my trying to paste from home page to link pages!!!    Oh, Please never mind about them and I REALLY am sorry from bottom of my heart about the confusion I must have made for my sweet friends. 

Butterfly Glitter Graphics
I really am sorry!!!

I attended the meeting  at my father's old people's home in the morning. And then after I came home whimsically I started sorting out my linkpages, whew...  I was so surprised with many posts I have made and I should have recognized about it.  Sorry if I am not catching up with your post dear friends; I'll have a bit light schedule from tomorrow. Haha, I was about to get a light heart attack, see you again later with the real post!!! 


  1. Dear Miyako,

    Hope you've had a great Sunday!
    Here it's nice and sunny today - a lovely spring day!
    Just chillin' today and catching up on some blogs.
    Big hugs my friend


  2. Don't feel bad, I was doing cleaning on my blog and then my followers disappeared ! They came back and then other things disappear. All normal now but I felt crazy ! Have a happy day.
    Love & Hugs

  3. Blogger is what makes things appear crazy, my dear friend Miyako, not you! I am glad you were able to visit the old folk's home. I hope you have a wonderful day today!

  4. Your post did make me smile today, dear friend Miyako. I think we should come up with a new phrase, saying "Blogging means never having to say sorry."!! We all love you my sweet friend, so please don't worry about these things. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Big Hugs x

  5. Well my dear friend do not worry about confussing us we all manage and deal and a little confussion is always good for the brain makes it work a bit better unless of course the confussion gives us a headache then maybe not so good but don't you worry you will not be the one with the

  6. Don't worry about anything, Miyako. I just started reading posts now. I'm busy and it has been hard to keep up with everyone. Love and hugs to you.

  7. Dearest Miyako,

    Glad you could visit your Father in the nursing home!
    We had a special day. First we went to Church and almost had to turn around for welcoming the 11 Japanese guests from Osaki city at our City Hall. With police escort they came in a large coach from the Interstate, driving from Atlanta where they landed yesterday.
    Our sister-city cultural exchange and they stay in family homes for 4 nights. On Wednesday we have the Saoynara party already... Time goes fast. We also went quickly to the theater for only half an hour of the program by a Taiwanese girl, a virtuoso who played piano and before she did play the violin but we missed that. One can only be in one spot at one time... Love to you and hope your days will calm down a bit from now on.