Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pink Saturday & Pink Coat

*Valentine Pink Saturday*

I wish everyone filled with  LOVE surrounded by your loved ones!!! 
When I found these pictures, I thought the little birdie and bear with a cute rabbit wearing pink dresses seemed sending us rosy sweet Valentine Greetings. I also would like to tell you my thanks for my friends' sweetness for me.
Wishing you all coming Valentine will be the happy one ♡♡♡

These are my 2 pink coat with kind of same design, p;)
Although I had had the first one, I wished to have the other one when it stared at me from the show window. This might prove how much I love pink. Well, I don't think we can afford this kind of wasteful expenditure any more, so I will wear them to my heart content ignoring my hubby saying he hates I am being eye-grabbing, haha.  

I will be linking this post with Beverly at "How Sweet The Sound"
                                               Love you always from Japan,     Orchid*

PS>  My next post will be Feb.15th (Japan time) announcing the winner of Japanese Origami giveaway. There is still time, please read here.


  1. I love your pink coats! Pink is my favorite color. I am wearing hot pink Nike shoes shoes right now. Have a wonderful evening, my friend, and may your dreams tonight all be tinted pink.

  2. Cute jackets, Miyoko. You must look so sweet when wearing them. Pleasant dreams and happy Valentine's day! ((hugs)) xo

  3. I love your coats they are so stylish and pretty.

    I could do with like them to keep me warm in this weather

    Have a great weeekend Miyoko

    x Fiona

  4. Oh Orchid , what beautiful jackets. I can see you looking beautiful in them.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you,hope it's a wonderful day.
    Lov and hugs

  5. Those are such elegant coats! Just beautiful. Loved the Valentine pictures. The chocolate looks so good. Love and Hugs for you for Valentine's Day.

  6. Beautiful coats dear Miyako ^_^
    Lovely Valentine photos.
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Big hugs


  7. I really like your coats, I bet they look really good on.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Hello Orchid!
    Happy Valentines Day to you in Japan!
    Your coat is lovely!
    The face of the bear is darling and your little feathered friend pretty with the pink!
    ♥ Jil

  9. Orchid, the coats are so pretty! I too love pink! It's a very flattering color and I've found it especially so as I've gotten older.

    And yes, I would also love to be entered in your giveaway!

    Hugs and happy, happy Valentines to you.

  10. Perfect coats for your petite frame, Miyako! Next, we'd like a picture of you modelling them :)

  11. Orchid, those coats are beautiful. There's nothing wrong with a little eye-grabbing! I bet you'd look adorable in them. Hugs my friend!

  12. Happy Pink Saturday Orchid Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share today. Love these coats, and yes pink is your signature color. I can imagine how beautiful they look on you.

    Have a beautiful Valentine's Day sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  13. Hello, Orchid: I love your pink coats! I looked through your blog, and it is just lovely. In 2008 I was fortunate to visit Japan. We went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miajima. Oh how I loved it! I want to go back, especially to Miajima. It is so beautiful there. I am going to sign up to be a follower of your blog. Good wishes to you.

  14. Hi Miyako san, I love your pink coats!! I think it's nice to be eye-grabbing :-)
    I love the pictures of birdie and bear with a rabbit, too. They are very pretty in pink!

  15. Dear Miyako,
    What beautiful coats. I'd love to see a photo of you wearing one of them as pink is very much your color. I used to think that pink was one of my least favorite colors but recently I've decided it's one of my favorites. This post is so lovely I must go back and give it a second look. I might be enjoying a little "eye grabbing" here myself. Enjoy your day and have a happy Valentine's Day. Hugs & love from your friend, Maddy

  16. Hello, very lovely coats indeed. Happy Pink Saturday. I'm so glad I found your blog on here, it's very lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am now a new follower.

    Hugs, LisaKay
    Belles Roses Romantiques

  17. such glorious pink coats. I also love that bit of rose shaped chocolate. Why don't you link your post to Seasonal Sundays?

    - The Tablescaper

  18. Love your blog, love Japan and much more Japanese people! <3 <3 <3