Thursday, February 9, 2012

Doing What he has to Do!

It is TIME to file our tax return...
In Japan, we have to file our tax return from Feb. 1st to Mid March.
Last year my husband had to do it for 3 people; for my late brother, father and ours.  Whew, it sure looked SO complicated and I thank him for what he can do!!!    He visited city office, tax office and Social Insurance Agency several times. At that time, he was so surprised that some staffs at these offices didn't have enough knowledge they should have for their work. They couldn't answer his questions for what he prepared for it.  He had been even told to go one office to go another.  And then, that office suggested to go to the former office???  Although he has records from last year and notes, now he is a conservator  for my father who is suffering from dementia, he needed to ask some details for the deduction how the system was and so on. The same situation happened that he had to consult several times at the different office again. Finally, he happened to have an efficient public employee and finished calculating and filed ours. And made sure to copy them for the next year. As he used to be a bank clerk, he may be able to confront with the numbers a little at ease. However, he got a bit frustrated and discourged at the each offices.
       I thank him what he can do and wouldn't know how without him.

Well, I'd better buy some chocolates from Godiva Chocolatier, as he has no lady colleagues to give him after retiring.  Probably, it is me who will end up eating most of them♡♡♡   I hope my friends are not having hard time doing yours!!!   
                 Love you always,  *Orchid


  1. I'm glad to know it's not just the U.S. tax system that can get so frustrating and complex, although I'm sorry you all had to go through all that. Your hubby is a smart man to navigate all that. Enjoy your Godivas!

  2. Dearest Miyako,

    Ah, I hate the tax paper work too... next week we will tackle that as on Saturday I have to cook a dinner for 4 guests, 2 cancelled. Godiva used to be under Campbell's Soup, my husband's company he worked for. But it is long sold to a huge company in Turkey. Most people don't know that.
    Why don't you buy him some yummy Japanese Royce chocolate? I LOVED it and would like to have some right now with my coffee! We got the Pocky sticks here in the stores and love those too. Enjoy whatever you get for him!
    Love to you,


  3. Oh Orchid it is difficult here as well,so frustrating that we pay someone else to do it.
    The system has become way too difficult for many to do on their own.I think the Government should pay us since most og what we make goes back to them.
    Hope all goes well with yours. Our due date here is April 15.
    Hugs and Lov

  4. Oh that sounds so like the tax office here in Scotland. It is so difficult and they don't make it easy. Well done to you husband for doing this.

  5. This is a time of year that I am actually glad I have almost no money. Though since I began to receive the government payments for my disability, I must do something to account for the back payments.

    I have a lovely accountant who is most kind to me and will help. Yes, a box of chocolates for your husband is a fine idea. Let him have at least ONE! (I smile as I write.)

  6. Oh Miyako, if it weren't for my husband I'd be hauled to jail for not filing my taxes. I get anxious just thinking about them. Last night my sweet husband filled out our daughter's tax form, she's very happy as she gets money back. I hate to think what ours will be...don't think we'll be so fortunate.
    Give your husband my best wishes for being so thoughtful and smart!

  7. Dear Miyako,
    Your husband did a great job with the taxes.
    Chocolate sounds really nice ^_^
    Have a lovely evening my friend.


  8. Hello my sweet friend, I did my taxes early this year (Feb. 6th), I have a few things coming up and I wanted to get them done and over with before these events. I hate taxes, little people getting "robbed". Oh well. xo

  9. Well done to your husband Orchid, he did a good job.

    I hope that your week will be good.

    I love chocolate!

    x Fiona

  10. I too have to do my taxes soon and Bruce's. Mine are more complicated since I own a home that I rent out. Your husband is a good man! Too bad he endured uninformed staff at these offices. Hope it goes easier this year.

  11. taxes!!..i hate them.
    my dad used to do mine.
    after he died..i had to learn. since i get social security,it's not too hard.I've been doing my son's also. I use Turbo tax online for free! walks me right through it. It's the only time that i am glad i am poor,with very little !!!!!LOL

  12. I gotta do tax return, too! I was too lazy last year and did not do until last I will try to file sooner this year! It is very frustrating that your husband had to go from office to office and their staff did not know enough. He did great though!! He will love your chocolate, I'm sure...even if you end up eating most of it :-)

  13. Here in Australia we lodge our tax returns between 1st July to 31st August and guess what we will often get the same run around that your hubby got last year so it is something I think happens in many countries. Why or why is it so hard to have people who know what they are taking about when dealing with members of the dad is good at doing peoples taxes and does them for a number of family members but he doesn't do his own he goes to a accountant as his tax is to complicated for him to do......Tim also goes to an accountant......

  14. What a beautiful blog! I found you from your post on Martha's Favorites. I love your photos of the cups and saucers with the sweet orchids. I am also fortunate to have a wonderful husband to do our taxes and finances. Your husband deserves a big box of chocolates for his hard work! I will be visiting your lovely blog again! Happy Tea Party! Pam from Texas

  15. My husband is very good with our taxes. He does them online each year. Government offices can be hard to deal with in Canada too.

  16. Dear Miyako,
    It would seem that tax time is pretty much the same everywhere. Later today I'm going to pick up the forms and start working on mine and my son's taxes. It is frustrating when you can't get answers to questions from people who are being paid to provide those answers. I'm hoping to be finished preparing mine and getting it over and done with as soon as possible. Yes, a box of fine chocolates is a great reward. Have a wonderful day my friend. xoxo