Monday, February 6, 2012

Tea Cup with orchid & my Question

Right after I posted dinner pictures on January 27th; framing them by using PhtoScape, somehow I wished to change my profile picture (or avatar?).   
Well, actually I ended up changing it with the picture of flower orchid  which I found in the PC.  I might say I am satisfied with it.
These are the pictures I took by myself intending to use it for my avatar. When I tried pasting them in my profile, all of them didn't come out well when they got really small for profile pics.  As I struggled with the soft, I hoped  them to show up in some way, p;)

I was wondering how friends decide yours,
I am kind of reserved or shy to use my own picture.  I had hard time deciding it when I started blogging and this time as well.  My undetermined character, haha.
It is wonderful to see others' with their own lovely pictures and marvelous selections.
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                                                                 Love you always,        *Orchid  


  1. Dearest Orchid,

    The pictures that you took from the cups & saucers with real orchids are LOVELY! So you intended to use them for your header?
    Wishing you a great week ahead and sending you love,


  2. I love all these photos, Miyako, and I too am shy with my photo. One day I may get brave to do it. I sometimes use my bird's photo (Pearlie). xo

  3. You are so talented and artistic, my friend. The colors and compositions in your photos are always so very lovely. You have the eye of an artist.

    I am going to try Photoscape myself. I don't think mine are going to look as good as yours, though!

    Have a wonderful week, my dear friend!

  4. Dear Miyako, These photos are beautiful. You are an amazing photographer. I'm sorry I'm unable to assist you with your PhotoScape problem but perhaps the patterns of the tea cups loose definition when reduced in size. I too am shy about using my photo for my avatar. I think many of us feel more comfortable using an item or character that we can relate to. I do hope you discover a way of using one of these photos but if not they would make a lovely banner. Have a wonderful week dear friend. Hugs

  5. I love your photo's Orchid.
    I am not a very good photographer but try hard !
    I don't mind sharing them with othersjust feel like they are part of who I am.
    Warm Hugs

  6. Oh your teacups are beautiful...and the note on our own pics...well, once upon a time when my confidence was built upon Maybeline I fear not to put my face upon anything for the world to see...b/c maybeline made me acceptable by the eyes of the world...then one day the Lord brought to me my Pride and desire for mankinds acceptance....and request I remove my makeup ... now I hestitate due to the disapproval of the eyes of the world....and until I am free from this fear...I shall march onward until every grain of this Pride is out of me and I can be who God created me to be w/out the help of maybeline....or Merle Norman or Mary kay....I thought you were beautiful..your smile radiates your lovely heart

  7. the teacups and orchids are beautiful - just like you! i used to never allow myself to be in pictures. i thought my smile awful, and myself to be very ugly. then i realized that my children and my grandchildren deserve to have memories of me in photographs they can hold onto. it's a shame i let so many years go by hiding behind the camera instead of shining in front of it.

  8. These are such beautiful photos, Miyako. I'm sorry you are having trouble with the size. I love the script you used for your name. Hugs and love to you.

  9. Oh how I love the tea cups. They are beautiful. Love your new header pictures on your blog page too. Keep taking pictures! You do a great job. Hugs.

  10. These photos are stunning! You did a fabulous job on them and they would be beautiful as an avatar or header. I am too camera shy to place my own photo on the internet so I just chose something I love...vintage, to somewhat represent me. Wishing you a lovely week, my special friend.

  11. Beautiful photos! I love orchids and I love teacups, but I never thought of putting them together. I need to do a different avatar so I don't have to show my picture.

  12. Hello Orchid,
    I wish I could offer help with your Blog issues, but I am at a loss myself for some of this stuff. I just had someone else update my blog as I find it somewhat tricky to do!
    I hope someone can help you.
    Your tea cup today is a gorgeous one! This pedestal cup is so pretty with the peachy pink flowers around it. What an elegant cup to drink from!

  13. Orchid, I am so sorry not posting on your beautiful blog, but blogger would not let me. Finally tried again this morning and it worked, Hurray!! Love the tea cup with orchids, so soft and pretty. Hugs...Lu

  14. Miyako...what lovely photos and I am so impressed with your staging. I don't know enough about photo shop I let my daughter do all that for me. Maybe though if you put the photos in a zip file to reduce it you'd find them more agreeable to use as an Avatar? I don't know just a guess!