Sunday, January 8, 2012

Craving for talking in English...

No Chance to use English...

I haven't used English since I had long break for going to the English school last late spring, where I had had private lesson from the young American teacher. Haha, even if I call English-lesson, I was having fun chatting in English once a month bringing my own topic. Actually, the fee I need to pay only for once (¥7,000) is way expensive now for me; who is surviving hubby's pension money. Well, I haven't contacted the school; I don't know if I have a membership there or not (^^;)
Far before that, I had a group lesson with 4people; but the relationship didn't go well... (haha, you might be able to guess why. I must have taken up much time rather than other members. I should have been more reserved.)
Anyway, even if how much I can hear the news from satellite broadcasting, watching movies on TV or rented videos, I have no one to chat with about it in English. Hubby has no interest in English, much less topic like presidential election this year in America from CNN and so on.
In Japan, we still have not much chance to get in touch with or enjoy natural, living English with native speakers. I deeply grateful for you all of my blggie friends to give me chances to look into expressions I don't know in your posts and kind comments, although it is a written form (p;) 

Oh, how I crave for someone to talk with in English!!!
I'm willing to roll out the red carpet & serve a gorgeous meal if any of my friends would like to pop over through the ocean to visit me, hehe,


  1. あけましておめでとうございます!Happy New Year! I've just found out that you had also updated your blog in my bloggers list. So here I am. Yes, I am also with you about little chance to speak up English. I try reading out or shadowing, instead. That helps a lot. Why don't you join some voluntary study group, say, like a group of English teachers to speak English? Let's enjoy keeping up with English anyway.

  2. Dearest Mekkan,
    Thank you very much for your generous comment!!!
    Yes, we are in a same boat, aren't we?
    I used to work as an interpreter for sister-city association in my city with a city in Australia. However, the relationship is not as active as it used to be and no longer need more than a couple of them. Haha, my city is not so big and hard to find these wonderful group(^_^;)
    Yes, I do keep learning and shadowing by myself♬♬♬]Love and Lots of Hugs to you, xoxo Miyako*

  3. Hi dear Miyako. Oh, that is such a shame that you are unable to speak English, especially as you are so good at it. You put us to shame, as I certainly wouldn't be able to write a comment in Japaneses!! Such a pity that your hubby doesn't speak English. I do hope that, perhaps this year, you will be able to find another group which you could join. Hugs to you from West to East x

  4. Dearest Miyako,

    That is really a pity, also with the sister-city event. We do have this sister-city relationship between Osaki City and Dublin, through YKK. In Japan, when we went there, we met a great young lady that spoke English so well! She toured with us most of the time. Also she did travel with groups to the USA as she did recognize the gift boxes in which I presented all the gifts that I'd bought at Neiman Marcus. That is the flagship department store for the USA, much like Sogo was at the time in Jakarta. You of course know about that. I loved to shop there when we lived and worked in Indonesia. But as I learned, it is no longer a Japanese company, they went out of business... Too bad, but with the downward economy all these 'luxury' things had a hard time. Even translators suffer from it... probably also because less traveling etc. etc.
    So sorry about your ability for not being able to speak English. You should try Skype and talk with your followers, that is for free if used from PC to PC! Look it up under
    Love to you,


  5. Oh tight hug to you Miyako, oh the fear of flying keeps me grounded and far from friends as you and exciting places to experience. I have a friend from Iceland that invited me to her home in 2009 but for the fear of flying and of course a few cents short in the pocketbook, I did not go ...and I would have loved to gone with my camera and captured her dwelling place on earth was and is beautiful as yours is I am sure!
    Fear such a terrible thing but yet sometimes it can be prove to be your best friend....

  6. I wish we could speak directly, but for now we have to be grateful that the internet and blogging are available to us. I am amazed at your interest in English. I think you and your followers, (at least I know) we understand each other well. I do use funny American expressions time to time, but you always are able to "look them up" :) which is wonderful. xo

  7. Dear Miyako,
    I understand how important it is to have someone to talk English with. I have studied languages, German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish and have nobody to practice speaking any of these languages with. I used to compete in language festivals when I was in school but since then have had no chance to continue using the languages and now have forgotten most of what I'd learned. There are a few of the blogs that I follow who have comments left in German and Russian and Spanish but reading the words is not the same as hearing and speaking them. If I could I would take you up on your offer and come for a visit and we could spend hours talking. Have a wonderful week my dear friend. Hugs

  8. Oh dear Orchid, how I wish I could come visit,have a meal and chat with you. It would be such fun and a learning experience for me as well.
    Maybe some day if I'm lucky and get rich( Ha ha)I will fly over to say hello.

  9. Oh Miyako,
    I wish I was planning on trip to Japan as seeing you would where I would head first. I am so in awe of you and how you have learned English so well. I know I wouldn't be able to learn how to speak Japanese. If I learn of any friends going to Japan I will certainly suggest they visit with you.
    I love reading of your customs and traditions and how you live your life. Thank you so much for sharing with us in our language so we can learn what a lovely country and life you live!

  10. Dearest friend,I think blogger ate my comment! I think you do amazingly well with your English. My brain would not do as well with learning Japanese, I'm afraid. Your diligence is admirable- we could all use more perseverance like you have. Have a wonderful week, my friend!

  11. i would LOVE to hop across the ocean to visit with you. unfortunately, that will just have to be a dream instead of a reality.

    your english is very good. "anyways" is a slang version of the word "anyway" (not plural). a lot of people use slang in every day language. i try to stay away from it. i do let myself be lax in capitalization when i'm typing "casual" things because i have to be exact in my job. i don't use "my bad" (slang for "excuse me") because i think it just sounds rude and uneducated. lol - that's the biggest one on my list of "not used" terms.

  12. If I ever come to Japan I will visit you, sweet friend. I wish you had someone to talk with in English too. I wish I spoke another language. I did take two years of Spanish and could speak a little and read a bit. I see you used the expression "roll out the red carpet," very good!
    God bless ad hugs.

  13. Thank you SO much everyone for all of your generous, warmhearted comments!!!
    I am deeply grateful for all the kindest words for me.
    I know the level of my English, but sure is really encouraging for me. I thank God for having such wonderful friends!!!

  14. To Dearest Teresa,
    Oh, how grateful I am for your correction♡♡♡
    I never knew about "anyways" being slang. Haha, I checked it with the dictionary and so surprised for my finding!
    I have no way knowing about these terms unless someone teaches me. Thank you very much and I corrected it.
    Many thanks and Love to you, xoxo Miyako*

  15. Dear Miyako,
    I wish I could bring my ribbonwork and come stay with you...although I would be talking mainly about your husband's wonderful noodles I am sure!

    I am so thankful your father is doing better..I am sure that is very frightening for him to be so ill! Sending your dear father love and prayers.