Monday, January 9, 2012


My Dear friend Mariette is holding worldwide giveaway,
 celebrating her 300 followers.

 It is solid 925 Silver Giovanni Raspini Charm from the Heart of Tuscany, Italy. 
And it ends February 4th.

You can go to her giveaway page from here or clicking the picture above,
Also the same picture in my sidebar is linked, wonderful giveway, isn't it!!!


Shelly said...

Lovely! Thank you, dear friend Miyako!

artistamyjo said...

Delightful! Thank you orchid for sharing this. Hugs

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Miyako,

THANK you so much for taking both buttons home with you! 私のポストの上にボタンを置くことは私のなかなかの挑戦です。.. 私がそれを終えたことがうれしい、しかし遅れています!
Wishing you a lovely week ahead and lots of love,


Belle said...

It is a beautiful give-away! Thank you, Miyako.

Thisisme. said...

Thank you dear friend Miyako. It is indeed a beautiful giveaway, especially as it comes from the heart of Tuscany in Italy, which is one of my favourite places in the whole world!!!

Anonymous said...

Just had you on my mind this morning and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your warm friendly smile when I look at your profile picture and how that smile stays with me all the day long...your kind heart ...your generosity ....Have a most blessed day, Miyako

Ann said...

such a lovely giveaway!!
thanks for sharing Miyako-san!!!
hope you are having a wonderful day!!