Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanks to my Guests and Comparing old and new camera♬

Hubby's session guest and Happy having Photo Lesson!!!

Hubby's two lady ex-colleagues and her daughter visited us. One of them kindly played session with hubby.  The other lady happed to be interested in camera and generously gave me a lesson. I learned how to use the function (like scene button),  haha I am an amateur without much knowledge and just full of desire to take better pictures. The first four pictures were taken with the old camera after having a short lesson. 

She seemed to like my blog, hehe!

After having a lesson, I thought I might as well buy a better camera. And I checked various home-pages of the makers.  How lucky I was to be able to have new one with really low price .  For the model I wished to buy,  only this red-color one left!  The very last one in the store, hehe!!!

These five pictures were taken with the new camera.  I hope there are differences of the quality. I still need to read the manual and wish to take advantage of this new one's function, p;)  Still hard to know exposure, shutter-speed and so on......


  1. How nice to be able to make your own music when you have guests. The little girl is adorable, is she making origami? xo

  2. That looks like it was a great time. What kind of music were they playing? You are an excellent photographer. I always enjoy looking at your pictures! Your new camera looks like it will be a lot of fun for you~

  3. It is nice to has bright post Miyako san.
    Your husband has a good hobby to entertain all your gust at your home that you were very lucky lady:-)
    Look forward to seen your future photography.
    A few my friends on Flicker and they has been wonderful photographed.

    Enjoy your evening.

  4. Hello! I'm glad to read you're enjoying your life in a very fantastic way! Maybe this is what I should try next time I'm free from this and that.

  5. Dear Miyako: Firstly, I wish you great times with your lovely new camera! Since you are so tiny, the red colour is ideal, because you'll stand out in the crowd, while you're eagerly clicking away at all the interesting scenes that capture your imagination. Secondly, it has been wonderful to see some old camera/new camera comparative pictures and I must say, I think your closeup of the cyclamens is both clear and sharp. I still have SO much to learn about my own camera, but never seem to be able to find the time to settle down with the manual and make a conscientious effort to study (and, more importantly, digest!) it!!! I am fortunate in that, if I have a problem when we are out taking pictures at any time, my husband is able to help me. He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer, who actually READS his manuals and other photographic books ;)

    Was your husband a music professor prior to his retirement, or is it another of his hobbies?

    I hope your students do well in their upcoming tests. Happy marking! I am sure you'll be glad of a rest after that's all behind you!

    Big hug, Des xoxo

  6. It looks like you're good with both of the cameras but the lovely shots with the new camera are sharp and clear. I used to have an interest in photography and had a wonderfully complicated camera with many lenses. It required me to make many adjustments and focus was manual and I had to set f-stops whatever they are and mess around until the subject I was photographing got antsy about holding still. With my poor eye sight it got so my photos were as fuzzy as my actual vision. Now I'm a "point and click" photographer. Heehee. The easier the better and I'm not good at reading the manual and following instructions. I always forget them right away and have to read the manual every time I want to do something. One of the signs of old age. It is always a pleasure visiting. Take care my dear friend and have an enjoyable week. Hugs

  7. Dearest Myako,

    That seems to have been a very delightful visit and you're lucky that one of the ladies happened to be interested in cameras! Good for you.
    Your new red camera looks good and presented on this post great images.
    Have a lovely week and hope you stay fit. I'm fighting a nasty cold... still coughing at night and not sleeping well. Yesterday I cooked dinner for eleven. Glad I managed that and now I can collapse.

    Love to you,


  8. Loved the pictures. Nice job. What was hubby rolling out? Baking? Noodles? I love to watch people work with dough. Hugs my friend.

  9. Lovely photos Orchid, a very nice camera :)
    Beautiful flowers!
    Have a lovely day! Hugs x

  10. Some wonderful pictures with your new camera Orchid.
    I've had my digital camera for several years now and am ashamed to say there are some things it does that I have never figured out.
    Love the red one you found.

  11. Dear Miyako - your new camera looks really good. I love the colour! As Desiree says, you will stand out in a crowd. Hee Hee! The photos taken with the new camera were very sharp, so I think you will have a lot of fun with it. Is hubby doing his soba making? How lovely that he can play the clarinet like that (I think it was the clarinet?!) and make music to entertain your guests. That little girl is just so cute and, as you say, she is enjoying your blog. Hee Hee!! Lovely to see your post here today, and I really hope that all goes well with your students, and that you will be less busy soon. Hugs from West to East my dear friend xx

  12. The photos from your new camera are beautiful, sharp and clear. Lovely flowers. My mom used to play the piano when I was growing up and I loved hearing her play and would dance in the living room. How nice to have friends to make music with! Many hugs and blessings dear friend.

  13. Great photos from your new camera Orchid. They are really clear,
    I think the colour red is beautiful.

    Your husband looks as though he is having a great time making music.

    The little girl is so cute isn't she? Look at her shiny glossy hair, I am so envious!

    Have a good week and looking forward to lots more lovely photos.

    x Fiona

  14. Your husband seems like great fun !!

  15. Hi Orchid san, your photos look great!! Your new camera looks great, too :-) I love the color! The photos of Shikuramen are beautiful. It must be fun to learn new techniques.
    Looks like you had very good time. Your husband is so cool to play saxophone!

  16. Miyako...I've been away from my blogs while celebrating holidays and birthdays. I'm so happy to be back and find this gem of a posting from you! Your camera looks like it is taking wonderful pictures! You and your husband always entertain your guests with such kindness and fun!

  17. I love that your hubby has music sessions with friends. How wonderful that must be. Your new camera takes beautiful pictures. I know nothing about photography! I must just point and shoot. ;-)