Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Oden This Season

(posted Japanese meal page)
This dish is called "Oden" which is enjoyed when cold season comes in Japan.
These first two pictures are from PC-site.  Traditionally, we cook it  with this type of earthen pot.     recipe page link

Last Night, I made Oden myself with my Stainless Pot and took pictures.

Oden is a Japanese one-pot dish in which ingredients are slowly simmered in soy sauce based soup. It's a typical Japanese winter dish. I put hard-boiled eggs, devil's tongue (or konjaca; chewy plant-based gelatin), daikon (radish), and various types of Japanese fried fish balls and fish cakes, mashroom, a kind of potato called koimo, flied tofu. I especially love the hard-boiled eggs, which has the subtle taste of the oden broth. You may think it is not a delicious looking dish because of its color, haha.
Well, it is a winter dish which can bring everyone in the family around the table, sharing good food and making nice conversation of the day, I love the atmosphere this dish have♪♪♪


  1. Dear Orchid,
    That looks delicious :) nice and warm.
    Have a lovely Day! Big hugs xo

  2. It looks wonderful Orchid.
    Do you also use the broth that's left for a soup or in another dish?
    I wish I could come sit in your kitchen and have tea while we compare cooking ideas.

  3. Oh, that looks delicious, friend! I love to make things that are slow cooked and the earthen pot is lovely. I'm sure it smells luscious when it's cooking, too.

  4. That will warm you up on a cold day, Miyako. It looks delicious and very healthful. xo

  5. Love that earthenware pot my dear friend Miyako! Lovely heartwarming food is what we want for the next few months when it is cold and dismal outside, and I'm sure that your recipe is really tasty. Did you save some for me?! Hee Hee!!

  6. It looks sort of like a comfort food - I'll bet it is tasty too.

  7. it does look like comfort food - delish! i love chili, chicken and dumplings, or beef stew in the winter.

  8. It reminds me of my mother's beef stew. How I loved my mom's stew in the winter! Looks so warm and delicious.

  9. WOW!! it is a beautiful dish and you don't need to worried about getting over weight:-)
    You take a good picture with your new camera.
    I cooked sometime in here but almost I ate myself though not suit for gaijin ha ha ha

  10. Okay my new friend, I have to be the odd one in the group..but geez, I dunno! I'm not a big fish eater, and their fish balls what is that? eeekkkk the potatoes I like and that looks like carrots ...I'd eat them ... LOL
    but I just might find myself loving it on a cold cold winter day sitting with my new friend sipping on this Oden broth!

  11. Dearest Miyako,

    Such kind of soup we've eaten in Indonesia and it is very nutriciou. Love the Daikon and also the Fried Tofu and of course the Mushrooms...
    Stay warm and eat well.

    Love to you,


  12. Miyako san,
    lovely pictures with your new camera!
    your soup looks delicious and the broth looks really good!!.what kind of fish are the fish balls made with? it just the fish meat or do you roll them in something before putting them in the pot?
    i'd like to visit and sit at your table with this!
    hugs from California!!,
    your friend,Ann

  13. Hi Orchid, This one pot dish looks so yummy. Actually made me hungry for a bowl of it especially cause it's so cold here, this certainly would warm me up. Thank you for visiting. Hugs...Lu

  14. I am loving the look of this, the colours textures, YUM!!! You are such a wonderful cook, I am now hungry just from reading this post!!

  15. Oh, I think it looks wonderful, Miyako and would love to enjoy a bowlful with you. Your pictures are super! New camera I presume? The hospitality of the Japanese is legendary, so I can imagine the conviviality around the table when you are gathered to enjoy this delicious looking winter stew.

  16. YUM! This looks delicious!