Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Many Thanks and Autumnal Equinox Day info. about me

I was SO GRATEFUL with the kindness of my follower friends' many birthday wishes for me, I cannot thank you enough for all the kindness and warmhearted comments and mails. Oh, what a splendid birthday you all made me!!!

Thank You Glitter Graphics A handmade digital greeting card from Ann (Ann, sorry that I don't have knowledge how to say it technically)   And beautiful sweet cake from thisisme   
names are linked, please visit their wonderful pages.   

Ann's birthday card
I love the image of the little CUTE girl ( haha, I'm just 140cm tall). And crown, music note, lovely jack-in-a-box with balloons and pretty duck all the layout,
she just has an artistic mind!!!  Thank you very much Ann.
thisisme's birthday cake
She has such a beautiful warmheartened lady and have so many wonderful blog friends. Full of happiness in her blog and also her quotations are always splendid insight for me. And lovely new followers from her friends. I cannot thank you enough for you thisisme. 

Away from blogging just for a while,
Today, I'll have to tell you that I'm away from home from Thursday to Friday. 
We are going to visit my husbsnd's cousin who lives in Osaka. Hubby's cousins are moving their family grave from here close to where we live to Osaka. Their graveyard here has no one living close to take care. My hubby used to be very close to all of the family. His late uncle-in-law was like his father. 
I'm surprised that they hold this moving on Sept.23rd.

Short excerpt about Japanese Equinox day ( sorry for the long post, I'll have another chance for this topic, I won't be offended if you skip reading,haha)
Fall Equinox, Vernal Equinox,  is one of our most traditional National Holidays. In these holidays we have 2 origins;
One is the celebration of seasonal change typical of an agricultural society. We have a saying "Atsusa samusa mo Higan made" ("Heat and cold last until Higan").   The other; Based on the Buddhist teaching, both Equinox days are also called Higan(on the other side of the shore ,the other world) no Chu-Nichi in Japanese.  We visit our family tombs on this day in the middle of the week of Higan to pay our respects to our ancestors. We weed  around our family tomb, and offer flowers, light the incense.
So, it means they chose the day their ancestors are here with them. We cannot visit our graveyard on that day, so we'll visit tomorrow ours in advance.

I'll try leave comments untill tomorrow  but I'll have to get ready visining, please forgive me not commenting for your precious posts.
As always, looking forward to reading your posts, Orchid*


  1. Have a wonderful trip, Orchid! Your post was so very informative and a joy to read.

  2. Oh, I am sorry I missed your birthday dear Orchid!

  3. Have a good trip and we will hear from you when you get back :)

  4. OH no I've missed your Birthday! I hope it was wonderful and full of happiness. I'm sorry I haven't been visiting as often as I'd like. I hope your week is great.

  5. So happy you had a wonderful Birthday.You are very special to all your blog friends.
    Hope you have a good visit and we'll all be waiting to hear from you when you return

  6. Happy belated birthday wishes. I'm happy I discovered your blog and I look forward to more visits.
    Hugs, Katherine
    P.S. my sister lives in Tokyo

  7. Have a great week. I enjoyed your imformative post.

  8. Dear Orchid! I did not take offence in any way at all! I realised you'd erroneously mixed me up with Darlene and thought no further of it. When I noticed you'd removed your comment, I guessed you'd discovered you error, so I helped by removing it further. Please do not worry yourself another moment! Thank you, in any case, for the delightful comment you have posted now. That is SO sweet of you!

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the traditions surrounding the Japanese celebration of the Equinox at this time of the year. We do not do anything similar, so I found this a most interesting and intriguing practice. Thank you for enlightening me. I hope you and your family enjoy your day paying respect to your ancestors.

  9. Hi Orchid, glad you are better, and I always enjoy reading about your seasonal holidays. Hope your birthday was a happy one! ((hugs)) xo

  10. You have a lovely blog and I just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday.

  11. Hi Orchid, I hope you had a lovely birthday and how nice to get a card and cake, people are very thoughtful. I hope you have a wonderful few days away. You will have us all speaking in Japanese before you know it.
    Thank you for your very kind comment on my blog. You make me blush.

  12. Dear Orchid - I'm so glad you were pleased with all your birthday greetings. What a lovely little card from Ann! Your blog is always a joy to read. It's easy to mix Darlene up with Desiree, isn't it?! I will probably do that one day myself. Hee Hee!! I love reading all about the Japanese traditions that you tell us about. Big hugs.

  13. I found it very interesting to read about Equinox. I hope your trip to Osaka is a happy one.

  14. tried to leave comment ..keeps erasing and losing it!!..maybe this will go through!!
    very interesting about Japanese Equinox..i think it's so impressive that your culture puts such value on ancestors and the older family members. I love hearing about your country and it's many customs.
    we will see you when you return!!!xO

  15. Happy belated Birthday! Sorry I didn't make a visit often. Hope you had a wonderful day. I'm glad we didn't get damages from the typhoon Roke. Hope it won't make anymore damages on people in Tohoku area. How nice to have a peaceful night.

  16. I'm so happy you had good birthday!! What wonderful birthday card and cake you've got!
    I almost forgot it's almost fall equinox...it's already autumn? Time passes so fast!
    Have a safe trip to Osaka, Orchid san!

  17. Just found your lovely blog and now you are away!!!

    Hope you had a great birthday, enjoy your trip and I will visit again soon.


  18. Hi Orchid - I love that we share the same birthday month. I've worried about you and your beautiful country this week as you've gone through yet another disaster - the typhoon that claimed more lives. Praying that all is well with you. Love and hugs!