Sunday, September 25, 2011

Husband given a Picture

Hello, we came back from Osaka last night (we stayed longer there than we planned). On Friday, my husband's cousin moved his family's graveyard without a hitch.  Monk's prayer was offered for the new grave.    That night, all the family got togather at broiled meat restaurant for dinner; which is owned by one of hubby's cousins. That was the most delicious meat I've ever had (with the varieties of course). I think you may call one of the most fine dining place (I hope it's the right word in English).
Anyways, the cousin (she is about the same age with my hubby) whom we stayed has been painting pictures about 10 years. She generously gave my husband one of her paintings (the one on the top). I'll just show some of her works with her permission. I feel so sorry for her with my poor pictures. Not doing the justice for her fine works. Shadow of the window and no way to get ready for the good back for them. Well, Hubby was really happy for the gift and looking forward to put it on the wall of his hobby room.

Hubby is trying to see which one he can ask for p;)

PS>  My friends, I'm so sorry about not being able to cmmenting blogs posts.   Having busy schedule tonight and tomorrow, I need to attend one of my relative's funeral.  I'l catch up writing as soon as I can. Please forgive me if I seem unfriendly. I am really sorry!!!


  1. Dear Orchid,
    Your hubby's cousin does lovely art work. I think the painting of the pears is a nice choice. No need to feel sorry for not having time to visit or leave comments on your blog list. We all have times when our schedules don't allow the time to do such things. We will all be here when you have time for blogging. Be well and happy.
    Hugs, Maddyrose

  2. Hi Orchid,

    Sounds like you had a very delicious meal at the restuarant.
    Your husbands cousin hassome beautiful art, lucky you having one to hang on your wall.
    Please don't apologise for not commenting, I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready. Take care.
    Hugs to you!!

  3. Hi Orchid, as I'm feeling a little brighter today, I just had to pop over to see what you have been up to! I'm so glad the trip to Osaka went well and that the new grave was blessed. Lovely that you had such a good meal with your family. My, your husband's cousin is a very talented lady. I can imagine that he was very pleased with his painting. I like them all. Please don't apologize for not commenting my friend. We all have things to do at different times and, sometimes, it is very hard to keep up with all our bloggy friends. We all understand and will still be here when you have time to come back to us!

  4. So glad all went well on your journey and the restaurant sounds wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing the art,it is lovely and the pear painting a great gift.
    This is a busy time of year for a lot of us. So don't worry about not posting.

  5. You could never be thought of as 'unfriendly', Orchid! You are one of the sweetest, most thoughtful and polite bloggers I know! We all understand if you have things to attend to. All of us do, too! Life is busy and we blog when we can. Please do not ever feel guilty about not viting or commenting. We know you will do so when you have time to do so.

    "Fine dining" is the perfect English expression. I am so glad to know your meal was so delicious and that you stayed over a bit longer in Osaka than originally intended. Good to know your husband's cousin was able to get everything organised so smoothly. I am still very intrigued by your custom of moving the interred remains of family graves to different sites if needed. My own family believes in cremation and scattering the ashes in a place that was well loved by the deceased person. In fact, my parents have willed their bodies at death to a university for research, so we won't be able to cremate their remains. Different customs are so interesting!

    Your husband's cousin paints beautifully. I love the painting she gave your husband. I also really like the one of the thatched roofed house.

    That is a very nice picture of your husband looking through his cousin's collection of finished works.

    Hugs xoxo

  6. Sorry! That was meant to read 'visiting' not 'viting'. I need to check before I post my comments!

  7. Hi Orchid, the painting is lovely, pears and lavender are two of my favorite things. Sad to hear about the funeral. Don't worry about comments, we would never think you are unfriendly. ((hugs)) xo

  8. what lovely paintings. your husband's cousin is very talented. he chose a beautiful piece.

    your dinner sounds like it was lovely. it's nice that you had a nice weekend.

    i don't think there's an unfriendly bone in your body. don't worry abou comments.

  9. Beautiful art and I love the one she gave to your husband. Don't ever worry about commenting. Sometimes we just don't have the time.

  10. Very nice paintings! Your husband will certainly enjoy the one he chose. I like it, too. So sorry I haven't commented on your blog lately. I haven't been feeling very well and have not even blogged in a week. I'm just going to try to forget arthritis pain and keep up my daily life in spite of pain. Love your blog, Orchid! And happy late birthday! I am just three years older than you!

  11. Hi Orchid san,
    So glad you are enjoy at trip to Osaka that city was I came from original from Japan.
    The restaurant has a good reputation
    and so many good restaurant in Osaka.
    We used said (kuidaore) best food in japan lol!
    You are lucky to have your cousin lived there that make lots of different then you and your husband
    The paints by your husband cousin a beautiful and it was nice of her to present to your husband.

    You are very respectful person as Japanese way but these day has not seen very much a specially in the blogs land hope I was wrong in this:-)

  12. I think hubby's cousin is pretty talented and I liked that you have shared her work with us thank you for that, I can barley draw a stick figure so really do think it is amazing that some people have the talen to paint or draw.....

  13. Orchid, beautiful paintings, lucky husband that he received this lovely painting. Sorry ab out your relative passing, do not worry about not posting, we understand my dear friend. Hugs...Lu

  14. Dearest Orchid,

    What great to read you had a lovely time in Osaka. And as a bonus your husband got given a painting; a very nice one. His cousin can be very proud!
    Wishing you a happy week and love to you,


  15. Oh Orchid, your hubby's cousin has such talent! I love her paintings so much and how fortunate that he was able to take one home. I'm happy that your visit went well and hope your week is a lovely one, my sweet friend.

  16. Hi Orchid san! I'm glad you had a good trip - the broiled meat restaurant sounds very nice! And glad you are back home safe :-)
    The paintings of your husband's cousin are so beautiful!! I love them all and especially the 1st one. I really love the gentle color.
    Please don't feel bad for not blogging much. Everyone here is very kind and understands you don't have enough time. And you are never unfriendly. You are always so sweet, Orchid san :-)

  17. such a lovely time you had at the dinner.
    wonderful paintings!! please your husband must have been to get the painting!
    don't worry about not posting!!..we''ll wait and not forget you!!!

  18. Orchid...what lovely art your husband's cousin creates! I know he must have been so happy to be able to select something for your home.
    Blessings to you~