Friday, September 16, 2011

Confusion for Words

(posted; Etymology page) 
My recent under the weather condition must have brought me some confusion and amnesia for English words, haha.
My sweet friend "thisisme" ←link  talked about her new vacuum machine in her post the other day. And she mentioned that "hoover" is light and easy to carry. As I didn't know about how they call the machine in her country;  after I checked the word, I commented "Oh, Hoover is a maker's name".   Hold on!!!    However, I wonder if " maker's name" make sense as an English word or not...
         After a while, my confusion arose with these words..... 
               maker,   manufacturer,   brand,
I think I understand the general ideas for these words,  but.........
   auto-maker,   car- maker,   car-manufacturer, ????
I understand Hermes is a "brand" or "brand-name", but actually it's also can be called a "bag maker", I think.  Well, confusing, confusing!!!

When I tried to say "bland foods"while writing E-mail to my friends explaning what I was having under the bad stomach condition;  Even if how hard I tried, I couldn't remember the word.  I thought "Will it be just a temporary amnesia, or worse!!!"  Haha, not being able to come up with the words which I think I memorized gives me a quite irritating time.  Hope PC will help me get these words straight when finding time.
Well, thank you for reading this trivial post tonight.


  1. Hello dear Orchid, I'm sorry I've not been commenting on blogs lately, but you are aware I've been busy tending my husband. Now he is on the mend I wanted to drop in and thank you for your kind words and let you know you communicate very expressively with your choice of English words. That you can speak to us in our language leaves me in awe. Congratulations on each and every posting, they are lovely and interesting and I enjoy following your blog!

    Much love~

  2. Dearest Orchid,

    Don't break your head over those subtleties... People who want to, WILL understand you; no reason to worry!
    Yes, Hoover is a maker's name for all sorts of vacuum cleaners here.
    Hermès is a designer group that makes jewelry, bags, scarfs etc.
    Still I do ADMIRE you for being able to handle this complex language of English. There is no relation to Japanese and the roman alphabet makes matters even worse.
    You ALWAYS can find solace in the fact that your Englis is far better than our Japanese...!!!
    Love to you and hope you will recover soon from your upset stomach. Indeed, bland or non-spicy food seems to work soothing for the time being.


  3. Dear sweet Orchid - that is such a lovely little post. You do so well with our very complicated English language, and I am full of admiration for you for that. Hope you are feeling a little brighter now, although I do know that you have October to get through. Hugs. (Oh, thank you so much for voting for me in the mini skirt contest!!).

  4. I admire you so much, Orchid, and I must say I never had any problem understanding your posts, after all, we speak in friendship, so we understand each other very well. :-)
    Glad you are feeling better, xo,

  5. Your doing really well Orchid and I think the English language is the most complicated in the world.
    Keep up the good work,I've never had any trouble understanding what your saying.
    Big Hugs

  6. my dear friend... you do a WONDERFUL job of writing in our very difficult language. i'm constantly impressed by your knowledge and skill. like everyone else has said, please remember that you speak very well to us and are ahead of us in that we don't speak japanese to you..

  7. Orchid dear, this was not a trivial post! actually,i found it delightful!! You understand so much more than you give yourself credit for!!.You have an excellent understanding and you express yourself in English VERY WELL!!! You may note that I am totally unable to communicate in your language!!! I'm just so impressed!!I speak only 1 language..and I know of 2 that you do!!!
    English is the most 2 oldest grandkids are learning to read..the 6 yo more so..and to explain "silent" letters,etc..they just look at me!!!!
    have a lovely weekend my friend!! xo

  8. Dear Orchid san,
    Not worry so much, My situation was over past confusing for everybody my blogging friends...
    But I just keeping blogging that only way I can do it.
    Strange to says my golf friends are not blogging that I understood.
    I find very hard to express the Japanese word to English.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  9. I have no problem understanding what you are saying but I also understand how frastrating it is when you can not think of the right word I have had it happen to me. Sometimes I can not think of the right word to describe something or can not think how to spell a word and end up phrasing it differently..........

  10. Your English is wonderful and the word "maker" is totally understandable and can be used in place of "manufacturer."

    You are such a precious soul, Orchid and we all think you are amazing!

  11. Hi Orchid. Your english is fine to me. I have always thought that Hoover is a shortened version of Vaccum Cleaner. (like a nick-name)

    Who knows!

    Have a great day.
    Rose x