Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Umeboshi,"pickled plums" (Sour, Sour)

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This year, I've made Umeboshi,"pickled plums".  Making these pickles requires a lot of process to step.  Until a few years ago, my job was taking much of my time to make this pickles. Well, according to my hubby's strong request, I had to. Hubby loves them but I have sweet tooth and I don't care for sour food much. 
    Memories of "Sour-Sweetness"
As my late mother loved them and have seen how she makes, I've known how much efforts it requires. Well, I couldn't find good excuse to evade the job to my husband, haha.  Whether I like them or not, this typical old Japanese pickles bring me back childhood days' memories with my mother. In hot summer, my mother looked refreshed having this sour food; wondering why I don't like them,

These lunch-box pics from PC-site
               青い星とダンス♪ 素敵な日の丸       クリックすると新しいウィンドウで開きます
hinomaru-benntou                                                  typical nowadays lunch-box

At the time of post-war period just several decades ago or another food shortage period, Japanese people had "hinomaru-benntou. Rising Sun flag-lunch box (literal translation)". As you can see it looks like our national flag.
Until my hubby retired, I used to make lunch box like the right-side one with Umeboshi (not homemade ones) in it.


  1. Hi Orchid, First, we thank you once again for the page you made for Terry in his recovery. He has felt all the "caring" going out for him and he is amazed that beyond the pain of therapy he is doing so well.
    We are so touched by all our friends caring and love our newest friend in Japan.
    Sour plums? Interesting. I used to crave and them make watermelon pickles when I was pregnant. You are a good wife to make them for your husband when you don't like them. Since they are much work to make. I do hope he enjoys them. Am happy they bring back memories of your mother making and enjoying them. I am like you, usually do not like "sour" food too much. Blessings my friend.

  2. I love plums, this sounds interesting to me. I also love pickles. The lunch box looks so good, Orchid. Hope you are staying cool! xo,

  3. Hi Orchid. I agree, that lunchbox looks very tasty! I like plums, but I don't think I would like them pickled if it makes them sour! Hope you and your hubby are keeping well.

  4. Konbanwa Orchidsan,Umeboshi totemo oishiso desu.Watwashiwa Obentou totemo ski desu.Yoroshku kudasai-Edith.

  5. Hi Orchid san. I've never thought about making umeboshi but it must be really good if it's home-made!! Hinomaru bento reminds me of my younger days. Thank you for sharing the memory of your mom :-)

  6. how enjoyable it must have been,though,to make something that reminds you of your Mother! the lunch boxes were interesting to see!! Your typical lunch box looks like a beautifully arrange plate of delicious foods!! a US lunchbox is wax paper,plastic bags,tin foil,etc!!
    thanks for sharing Orchid!! xo


  8. Orchid, I love plums so I'm sure I would love the pickled plums. I mentioned you in my blog today - hope you don't mind.

  9. the pickled plums sound interesting. i like pickles and i like plums, so maybe... i like sweet pickles and what is called "bread and butter" pickles. they're not as sweet as sweet pickles, but not sour either.

    the lunch boxes look cool. we are trying to get my grandson to eat better so suggested to his mother that she make similar things for him to choose from, but put in a muffin tin. muffin tin meals...

  10. Hi Orchid, I never had pickled plums but do like pickled beets so perhaps would like them. Sounds good and the lunchbox also looks good.

  11. I've never had pickled plums but would try them as I like sweet and sour both. The pictures of the lunch boxes made me hungry. I love the way the food in them is so artfully displayed. Did your hubby like the plums?

  12. Dear Orchid, bless your heart for making something you don't even like to eat. Sometimes I do that also:) Would the food shortage lunch box be the only meal for the day during that time? I think Americans might be very disappointed if they had to ration their food in that way. So your culture is very strong inside to endure limited food. Maybe the taste of sour helped to take away hunger.

  13. Dearest Orchid,

    So glad you managed to make them yourself! Yes, I ate them and we've seen them also in the stores. The Chairman of the International Association in Osaki did bring us to a store for seeing all the fresh produce and I especially was impressed. The presentation and the quality/freshness is exceptional! Being the daughter of a market grower, I am more or less born between the veggies, I really appreciated this part.
    Have a great weekend and lots of love,


  14. To, dear Kneesandpaws.

    Well, during that time There was a rationing system instituted by government and that amount wasn't enough and I learned that people tried to buy food through illegal way. Or make their own field for the vegetable like pumpkins.
    Pickled Plum helps delay food to go bad. I hope you come back to read this (*^_^*)

  15. You have so much patience, I am terrible I buy pickled extras (like ginger) to go on the side of the plate when I make sushi rolls for my family, they love them but only my hubby & I eat the pickles LOL

  16. Pickled plums! Like you, I'm not one for sour food. I have a sweet tooth, too! I do like dill pickles, but nothing else pickled. I head Japan had another earthquake. Hope all is well with you and your family!