Saturday, July 30, 2011

Filleting into Sashimi

(posted Japanese meal page)
My husband caught 5 black sea breams today (1 for us. 4 to the next neighbor). He left home before 5:00 this morning and came back around 8:30 to avoid the sun-shine.  Usually fileting is his job, haha. The fishing spot he goes, cars cannot get into. So he uses motor-bike carrying long bag on his back, which fishing rod inside. He makes me worry untill coming back. (he has handicap on his right leg) 
ps>  The road is too narrow for the car to his spot.

Leftovers from making sashimi usually cooked with soy sauce based soup and called "aradaki, あら炊き”.  I think grilled one with sault tastes better for this fish.  Anyways, these were our lunch today with egg-roll and salad.
   just showing you how, hope these won't be the ugly pics.


  1. Seafood is my favourite, nothing better than fresh fish, your lunch looks yummy & as you said, so many different ways to eat the fresh fish :)

  2. Hi Orchid! How lovely to have such freshly caught fish. Well done to hubby, and for sneaking into places that cars cannot get to!! The photos came out really well and lunch looks delightful. I love fish and seafood as well. Hope you're enjoying the weekend my friend.

  3. Haha, thisisme♪
    I hadn't explained well. It’s just that the road is too narrow for his spot. Not the illegal place, hehe.
    I'll put "ps" for it.
    Night, night from Japan.

  4. Freshly caught fish for lunch sounds wonderful and your pictures are making me hungry. I am going to buy fish today but doubt it will be as fresh. I don't believe I have every had black sea breams unless it was called something else. Have a lovely weekend.

  5. WOW... I wish I could come to you house to eat!!
    Love, Lorraine

  6. Hi Orchid, I enjoy sashimi when I go to Japanese restaurants for lunch or dinner. Your husband is very talented and brave. I can understand why you would worry if he can't get there with a car. Hope you are keeping cool. (((hugs)) xo,

  7. Dearest Orchid,

    Ah, again I am too late for feasting on this Sashimi! Your husband is extraordinary; catching AND fileting the fish... Wow.
    Hope you have a lovely Sunday and enjoy whatever you both are doing.

    Lots of love,


    PS on my July 30 blog I showed a Japanese wooden tray; you probably know those...

  8. fresh fish is the best! how nice your hubby was able to catch such nice fish. your lunch looks very yummy.

  9. Wow fresh fish! It must taste great!! Your husband is amazing filleting the fish. These photos look amazing. They make me want to have some seafood :-)

  10. I love seafood and isn't it fabulous when caught fresh? Yum! I know how you feel about worrying about him on that type of terrain. My own hubby hunts and fishes and I do the same thing.

    Orchid, it is so sweet that you share his catch with your neighbors. You are such a special lady. Have a great week, my love.

  11. Ok my first time here and what do I see fish and I hate seafood yuck but it will not stop me following

  12. That is so cool! Eating the fish your hubby caught! I have to husband is an awful AWFUL fisherman :)

    Just popped over from teresea's to say hi!

  13. Hi Orchid! These fish look delicious. I'm inspired to go fishing and to learn how to filet them. My family would be very surprised to see me do this!