Friday, July 1, 2011

Soba-Master's visit and Pink Saturday

This Thursday, Soba-master of my husband dropped by. I bought these Lilly and decorated inside of the front door. I loved the welcoming sweet fragrance it had.  

I used this hempen pink purse when I wear my white summer dress. I found it hard to arrange it with other colors, haha.
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Hubby's soba-master visited us
We could see him and his wife after half a year's blank. We had a kind of happy reunion lunch. My hubby always buys buckwheat from him and normally he sends us with delivery service. It is repackaged it into smaller sizes for one time use.  For food, sashimi was fresh and Chinese-style barbecued pork were tasty. And very importantly, master admired hubby with his improvement and said he may try 100% soba noodle. (usually, 80% buckwheat : 20% wheat flour)

 I missed the timing of a good shot, sorry meals are not well placed bothered with plates and things
banana was to put into potato salad


  1. Hi! I found your lovely blog from Mina, over at Green Witch with Sprinkles :)

    That looks like a fantastic spread of food! And lilies are one of my favorites. Nice to meet you!

  2. Beautiful lilies, Orchid! It looks like you had a very nice day with your guests. xo,

  3. Dearest Orchid,

    Well, I guess not only your husband passed the test but also you as a cook! Looked very delicious! Your lilies are perfect and the purse you wear with your white dress is so lovely.
    Enjoy a great weekend.
    Lots of love,


  4. The flowers are lovely Orchid and the meal looks delicious.

  5. Oh these lilies are beautiful!! I love the cute pink color very much. Sounds like it smells good too :-)

  6. I enjoyed visiting and and seeing your pretty flowers.

  7. Dear Orchid,
    You are a very sweet and lovely lady, it is a pleasure to meet you. I have a very dear friend who lives in Yokohama, but her home is Ishicawa, she lived in New York for 4 years and that is how we became friends. She also studied English in the University in Japan.
    Sending a big smile,

  8. What a lovely time all must have had! the food looks wonderful and your presentation beautiful!! Such a lovely flower..and i love your purse!!
    what is a Soba-master?

  9. Oh, Ann.
    Thank you for your sweet comment♪♪♪
    Soba-master is the person who taught my husband how to make noodle and prepared all the necessary equipment for him. He is working as a sort of an adviser for the person who want to open soba restaurant (haha, not my hubby). We owe this master a lot.
    They knew each other when child. Master's soba made my hubby want to make it by himself several years ago when they met again after many decades interval.
    Lucky reunion, as I think my hubby had a nice hobby from him after retired☆☆☆

  10. Oh Orchid, what lovely pink perfection you created!
    I would love to taste your husband's soba noodle dinner one day...he sounds like a master chef and your table looked so inviting.


    PS I had a difficult time getting here for a short time but I didn't give up and am so happy I was able to view and comment on the posting.

  11. Orchid - what stunning Lilies and that purse, oh it is beautiful! Your lunch looks delicious and is making me hungry. I know everyone loved it. Have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend!

  12. Here I am my little friend! Those pink lillies were gorgeous, and I so like your little pink purse. It is such a pretty colour. Have a lovely week, and that meals looks so delicious. Lovely for your husband to have a hobby like that now that he is retired.

  13. Such beautiful lilies. Your table looks lovely with all the selection of foods. I have had soba noodles in this country and enjoyed them. Would love to taste some real soba noodles that your husband prepares. Your pretty pink purse must look lovely with you white dress. Blessings.