Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home-made Soba dinner with Home-made plate

From mid-May, my husband had been engaged in making Soba-plates which has Golden-Ratio (linked with my old post) with different sizes. It seemed to have been a hard work, he redid making it many times untill he satisfied the result. Sure was the trial and error especially he needed to take it consideration that cider get swollen when it soke water. Totally he maybe has made more than 20 of them. He wished to give some of them to his master for his personal use.
(how my husband makes soba, click here especially for some of my new friends)

pasted fish. rolled egg. fried bean-curd stuffed with vinegared rice

I made Inarizushi (fried bean-curd stuffed with vinegared rice. veggie added).
Haha, picture couldn't do it justice (we enjoyed it ♪)  Well, we used to go cheap-priced Udon-noodle restaurant for quick lunch sometime. However, I don't care it now.  Both cold and hot one doesn't as tasy as home-made one, especially soup. (you can rarely find Soba restaurant compared to Udon restaurant) 
Sort of became a little problem for me now.


  1. Those plates are beautiful, Orchid, I have never seen anything like that. We have Udon noodle shops here in the city, not close by where I live, though. Have to go there sometime. Everything looks delicious, and healthy. xo,

  2. I agree Orchid - those plates look lovely, and the food that you have cooked to go with them looks absolutely delicious!

  3. Dearest Orchid,

    Wow, what a labor of love! Your husband is very handy and you are a great cook. Would have loved to eat off such a plate with great food...

    Lots of love,


  4. The plates are beautiful with the simple lines and grains of the wood! your husband does a very good job!

  5. Oh my goodness, these plates are beautiful!! How amazing of your husband to home-make not only soba but its plates! Thank you for the link for his soba-making..I really enjoyed reading it.
    His master must be very happy if he get these plates.
    Your dinner looks so delicious. I'm hungry now!!

  6. Talented husband and wife! The plates are beautiful! How patient to try so many time until he reached perfection!
    Thank you for sharing...


  7. Yes, Orchid, we are selling our house to upsize because we are moving my husband's mother in with us. We need a house with no stairs (she is 79) and one with bedrooms on both sides of the house. In Oklahoma, we have many choices for houses, and we have lots of land to spread out. Houses are very affordable in our part of the US and one can get a very, very nice house compared to the East coast or the West coast.

  8. Your husbands plates are beautiful. Such a wonderful craftsman!

    Your plate of food looks amazing! I would love to have some of the recipes you use to make your fabulous meals. So intriguing! Hugs to you.

  9. OH this looks SO good! I just made a meal with Udon noodles last week! I had never used them before and it turned out quite well. I love cooking and learning to cook foods from other countries. We have several Japanese markets nearby and when I'm feeling brave I go and buy a few things even though I'm not sure WHAT to buy!