Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Young Pretty Guest" and "New background and Header"

Young Guest
Yesterday, my ex-student came and brought us three types of hand-made bread. First one, she called galet-coco(?). Second one she put ham and onion in it. Third one cream inside. Had a nice snack time in the afternoon together.  And then after that; while I had teaching job, they move to his hobby room and started playing session. As I don't have any talent for playing music instruments, he always misses someone to play with him. Seeing him enjoying her company, I really appreciated her taking time for him.

New background and Header
I've wanted to have background and header designed with "orchid, diary, saxophone".  Although I love all kinds of flowers and orchids,  my out of the blue naming to "orchid" sort of made me difficult to put all three together. Maybe, wonderful background designers I find through the blogger friends will be able to provide me ideal one if I order. As most of them are American, I wish I lived in America so that I can make contact with them easily.
However, I thought having two backgrounds, both of which I can use alternately, might not be the bad idea. With both of them, I can use the same blogger template and also the width of main post or gadget are the same. All I have to do is just change them from the "document" file. I arranged these illustrations by myself and asked pro to put them togather like the first one.

Whew, it sure required me time and efforts. My husband giggled at me saying, " I thank you for using saxophone, but I can see  similarities to the first one". 
Oh, God. His words got me sulky a bit, P;)
Sorry if I surprise you to change them back to the former one soon at a whim.


  1. I love your new background, Orchid. I think it is great that you can change them when you feel like it. Thanks for your visit today, I always enjoy hearing from you! xo,

  2. I think it is a beautiful new banner, very classy & clean, really lovely composition of the 3 images :) I also love the bread I bet it was delicious & pleased your hubby had some musical company LOL!! I am a bit tone deaf myself ;)

  3. Dearest Orchid,

    Three happy people with delicious breads for an afternoon snack and for playing music together. You were happy with your new header design and it is very difficult indeed to find a fitting orchid to use in there. This however looks lovely!
    Thanks for your visit and comment. Your English is excellent and especially for a Japanese lady to manage it this way!
    Lots of love,


  4. Oh Orchid, I love your new background and header. It is so beautiful. I left you an award on my blog called the Versatile Blogger award, if you would like to copy and paste the image and put it on your blog. If you don't want to do anything with it, I just want you to know I think you and your blog are just fabulous! Have a great week.